A neighbor allegedly put nails through a fence to injure dogs


In a series of TikTok videos, a woman shares her horrific struggles with her next-door neighbour.

TikTok user @sarcastically_do_thatreal name Elly, posted update videos of the anonymous neighbor’s “malicious” actions.

In one of her last videos, she gave the backstory to new viewers, she got into a fight with her neighbor over the fact that they didn’t like their dogs despite having their own dogs. They changed the privacy fence they now share and Elly alleged they installed security cameras on the fence to look into her yard at the point where she had to move her young children’s trampoline to block their view.

Despite no recent drama for a few months, the neighbor recently made a dangerous decision that had harmful consequences. They put sets of screws and nails through their fence, holding nothing, just protruding 3-4 inches into his yard, where his young children and dogs are playing. She only realized this when her dogs were injured, requiring stitches. When she mowed the lawn, she made the discovery.

“And notice how they’re not holding anything, it’s not like they’re reinforcing the fence or anything,” she said pointing to their actions. “They’re just here – for the danger.”

TikTok users have suggested that she call the police and animal control as it may cause more harm to her pets or themselves.

In her ninth update video for her neighbor from hell saga, Elly said she called the police and they came to investigate and take pictures of the nails on the fence. They slyly suggested that he drop the screws or cut them.

Despite their supposedly cruel action, she will be moving out in about a month. So she wanted to make sure that not only her doggies and young children are safe, but that the next owners are too.

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