Another triathlon victory for the athlete from Peebles in Wales


One PEEBLES athlete won the Roc Wales triathlon – breaking the previous course record by completing it in four hours and 42 minutes.

Iain Veitch took part in the Brutal Race which features some of the UK’s most breathtaking and rugged scenery.

The field this year was particularly strong with the top four athletes all breaking the previous course record.

A 1,500m sea swim in the Welsh coastal town of Abersoch was followed by a demanding 50km hike through Snowden National Park.

It was then a question of hiking the famous Watkins Trail to the summit of Snowden itself.

After descending, the athletes covered the 50 km to Abersoch where the race ended with a 1 km run on the beach.

The 39-year-old told us: “The course was great. A beach start sea swim in cool but calm waters off beautiful Abersoch Beach.

“An honest rolling bike course and race on the infamous highest mountain on the Watkins Path of Wales. It really has that mind-blowing factor.

“Despite the good swimming conditions, I swam poorly and quickly fell to the back of the elite pack and stayed there until I got out of the water.

“The support at the event was brilliant. The noise from the supporters giving a real boost regardless of the position.

“The cycling conditions were almost perfect. No strong winds, dry and a reasonably hilly hilly course from the coast to the main feature of the event – Snowden. Although the race was difficult, the scenery on the way was beautiful.

“It was also quite intimidating because we could clearly see at all times what was waiting for us while running.

“The climb up the mountain was brutal. The Watkins Path is often described as and lives up to the most difficult but scenic route on the mountain.

“The terrain is relentlessly steep, reducing everyone to a scramble to the top.

“The sights have made up for the pain. The jaw drops.

“By the time I was coming down the mountain, I had taken the lead.

“Despite stopping at a level crossing and waiting very anxiously for the train to pass and the barrier to be lifted, I was able to hold on until the end of the second stage by bike and really enjoy the last 1 km run on the beach. ”


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