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Comet lacrosse player Rae Alexander, a sophomore, scored her first varsity hat trick in Milton on April 8; she scored four goals in total in the 19-4 victory.

What will you remember most about scoring a college hat trick against Milton? My hat trick against Milton was my first college hat trick and my first goal. It was pretty cool to get both in the second game of the season. I will remember the assists I had to get those goals; in particular, Caroline Bliss had a great assist for one of my goals. All my teammates were also very happy for me. Overall the support of the team is finally what I will remember.

After a season of championship hockey, what do you bring to lacrosse that will make you a better competitor? One thing that I can take from the hockey season and not only make me a better competitor, but the whole team, is Comet’s motto: Believe. If our coaches hadn’t constantly made us believe in ourselves and our teammates, it’s entirely possible that we wouldn’t have been state champions. I think that plays a huge role in the good performance of this lacrosse season. Second, I bring competitiveness to all the sports I play; lacrosse may not be my best sport, but I will always work as hard as I can to help my team. Finally, I will transfer my perseverance from the ice to the lacrosse field. Although Comet Hockey had a seemingly perfect season, there were certainly challenges that we had to overcome to finish undefeated, and we will no doubt face adversity at lacrosse.

What three things about this team will contribute to its success? I think our rapid learning will help us go far. I’ve noticed how quickly our team can take what the coaches give us and do it. We have an almost completely new defense this year, and it’s amazing how quickly they’re improving. Our midfield and attack are more experienced and stronger. If we can work together, we will be successful on the pitch. I think the attitude and morale of our team will lead to success. After last year’s loss to South Burlington in the championship, the general attitude is that we want to win this year. Our team is full of energetic athletes who are dedicated to doing their best, and I know it will take us far.

Mary Pipes, BFA St. Albans Girls’ Lacrosse Coach: Rae has made progress this year as a player, and we know she will continue to grow throughout the season. She has the potential to become a very good midfielder. We are definitely expecting big things from her this season. She’s one of our youngest players, so we can’t wait to see what she can do. She worked to develop her skills with the stick, and it was evident in the game against Milton. In the Milton game, she found the back of the net quite easily and her shooting percentage for that game was 80%. This year our team has an easy camaraderie and Rae fits into the team.

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