Austin Fire Wins Gold at Texas Firefighter Olympics


The Austin Fire Department competed in the Texas Firefighters Olympics last week and won gold in two of the games. AFD is now home to the top firefighter basketball team and firefighter pickleball team in Texas.

The Texas Firefighter Olympics is an event where firefighters from across the state come together to compete in a bunch of competitive sporting events to raise money for different charities. This year’s games were in New Braunfels.

“With the proximity here in New Braunfels, we just have a huge display from the Austin Fire Department at the Olympics,” said Martin Robertson, an AFD firefighter.

Robertson participated in this year’s games and also coordinated the Pickleball to play. It was the first time the sport was played at the Texas Firefighters Olympics.

“It was really exciting to be able to come back, you know, compete and play again,” he said.

In Pickleball, 35 teams competed from fire stations across the state. In the intermediate division, a team from AFD took silver. In the advanced division, AFD won gold, silver and bronze in doubles.

Robertson and his brother, a fellow AFD firefighter, are the ones who won the gold medal in Pickleball.

“It was really cool,” Robertson said.

Pickleball wasn’t the only sport won by the Austin Fire Department. The basketball team also performed well. The AFD basketball team won the gold medal for AFD.

“Just seeing, you know, the number of talented athletes we have here in the Austin Fire Department was really cool,” Robertson said.


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