Best online bookmakers: How to choose?


Today’s sports betting market is full of various bookmakers, so it’s getting harder and harder for them to compete with each other every year. Additionally, government agencies in several countries, especially in the UK, where this industry is growing rapidly, are working to establish direct control over the activities of this market. This leads to the fact that there are fewer new sports betting sites every year. However, newcomers often become real sensations, which in a short time become real leaders in the number of users.

How do new bookmakers attract players?
Since there are many bookmakers on the market, newcomers are trying to provide customers with new opportunities to earn money and more favorable terms of cooperation.

They offer for example:

  • Improved welcome bonuses;
  • More profitable bonuses for existing customers;
  • Develop new types of tariffs;
  • Provide more statistics and analysis;
  • Work on creating a user-friendly mobile application.

Many bookmakers that have been in the market for over 20 years have forgotten the need to modernize their websites to meet customer needs. Additionally, studies show that around 60% of all users place their bets using a smartphone, so it makes sense to create a well-thought-out mobile app.

Traditional bookmakers offer their new customers a 50% or 100% first deposit bonus. But, new bookmakers strive to popularize their sites, allowing customers to get more if they place advertisements on their social media pages or share links with friends. They may also offer you a free bet if you enter your email address and agree to receive information about upcoming bonuses, special offers or upcoming matches. If you want, you can even set reminders for upcoming matches.

New bookmakers publish a lot of statistics and analytical information to increase their trust and promote their sites in search engines. This helps new players to be more successful in creating their predictions and winning more.

Many players see the advantages of new bookmakers over old ones and register here. But we must keep in mind that gradually the conditions of cooperation will level out since no one wants to work at a loss.

Which bookmakers are popular in 2022
Each bookmaker tries to attract the attention of new users by inventing new bonus programs and increasing odds. This year, the most successful are:

  • Skybet
  • bet fred
  • betting fair
  • bet365;
  • BetVictor and a few others.

Each offers a big welcome bonus and additional opportunities for individual sports.

How to make money with sports betting?
Players are divided into two categories: those who want to get a load of excitement and fun and those who want to earn money on the knowledge of the sport. Making sports betting the only way to make money is a challenge, as you have to learn how to accurately predict match results and understand the work of different bookmakers, which can be quite tricky.

First, you need:

  • Select one or more sports to follow. Don’t learn too much at first, as you will quickly become confused. Choosing the sport that you have followed closely in recent years, and the leagues where you have not missed a match, is better.
  • Choose a bookmaker. It is sometimes a good idea to register on several platforms at the same time to be able to choose the one that offers the best odds for a particular match.
  • Select multiple platforms with analytical information and news. Don’t blindly believe an expert’s predictions; try to analyze what they say to understand what is true and how logical the thoughts seem.

Generally speaking, if you are passionate about certain sports and follow at least the main competitions, then you can earn additional income from sports betting. Yet only a few can abandon their usual place of work in favor of such earnings.


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