Biden administrator finally agrees to fill gaping holes in border wall, Lankford says “huge victory” for American people


The Department of Homeland Security (DHS) said Monday it will close several gaps in the border wall near cities in Arizona, California and Texas, including San Diego, El Centro, Yuma, Tucson, El Paso and Del Rio .

CBS News reports that DHS Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas has ordered the United States Customs and Border Protection (CBP) to build barriers to fill “small” gaps along some sections of the wall left open when construction was halted in January by President Biden.

The Biden administration’s announcement comes after Senator James Lankford (R-OK) spent months holding the administration accountable for its failure to uphold the law and maintain national security on the southern border.

Lankford posted a report who exposed billions of trash to pay contractors to keep border wall materials at these sites while the Biden administration “studied” it, even though Congress had already allocated the money to build the wall.

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As CBN News reported in March, Lankford traveled to the Arizona border and called the Biden administration for taking unnecessary steps to stop the construction of border fences, leaving holes unfinished at the border. southern United States.

The Oklahoma senator exposed the literal shortcomings that remain, even though the materials had already been purchased and were already in place.

“You can see the giant gaps in the fence for yourself in this video. It is ludicrous that the fence is 95% and will not be completed. This is a problem created by the Biden administration – the shutdown “Construction weakens the efficiency of the fence structure and the technology. It makes no sense,” he said in a Facebook post from the border.

Oklahoma Senator Responds

“Today, the Biden administration finally recognized what I have been pushing for months, we should fill in the gaps in our border wall. Leaving dozens of gaps in the border wall only helps cartels and those who cross illegally. our border. I have been asking the gaps in the wall to be filled for months. Now the Biden administration has caved in, “Lankford said in a statement.

“We have a crisis on our southern border which is a direct result of Biden’s policy of not enforcing our laws. This year, U.S. Customs and Border Protection encountered more than 1.8 million migrants at the Southwestern border alone, the most on record in our nation’s history, and is on track to meet two million migrants this year. While Biden and his team have told Americans it is not a crisis. Biden’s team wasted billions of taxpayer dollars appeasing far-left radicals at open borders, but the rest of the nation suffered the consequences, ”the Republican senator continued.

Biden halted construction of the border wall in January

Following his inauguration in January, President Biden ordered a halt to construction of the southern border wall started by former President Donald Trump.

As CBN News reported in late January, construction of the wall was halted even though the materials to finish the gaps in the wall were already in place. Pieces of the large metal barrier were left to rust.

In the months that followed, Republican lawmakers and governors of border states repeatedly criticized the administration for the move that resulted in more than two million illegal migrants crossing the border, crushing patrol officers. border crossing and agency detention centers.

Brandon Judd, chairman of the National Border Patrol Council, told CBN News in June that the situation had resulted in “utter and utter chaos.”

Governors of border states respond

The inactivity of the Biden administration and Congress has forced southern state governors to strengthen federal border enforcement, including using National Guard troops and law enforcement officers to help border patrol officers to deal with the crisis.

Texas Governor Greg Abbott even used old shipping containers to plug holes in the border wall. He also pledged to fill the gaps in the wall with the help of private donations and to set up a website to receive private donations for the construction of the wall. As of December 21, more than $ 54 million had been raised for the project.

Last weekend, Abbott visited the first stretch of the border wall built by the state of Texas in Starr County, according to The Texas Tribune. As of December 18, approximately 880 feet of this barrier had been erected.

“This unprecedented action is needed for one reason only, and that is because the Biden administration has not done its job,” Abbott said.

DHS secretary grilled for delay in building border wall

DHS secretary Mayorkas was grilled by Republicans during a Senate Judiciary Committee hearing last month over his delay in finishing the wall and the lack of enforcement that allowed migrants to flow into the country.

In April, Mayorkas said the White House was considering restarting construction of the border wall to fill “gaps” that became apparent during the immigration crisis. But the administration was very slow to act.

At the Senate hearing last month, Mayorkas called on migrants who do not report an “execution priority” for his department, saying they could not simply disappear in the United States. Mayorkas has made this point frequently after several news articles cited leaked immigration documents that some lawmakers say contradict DHS enforcement policy.

According to the Lankford office, one of those documents reads: “Don’t worry if you’ve passed the 60-day deadline to report from the time you entered the United States. Enter so that you can help ensure the best outcome for your case. “

The Oklahoma senator was successful in preventing the Biden Immigration and Customs Office (ICE) from opening a “temporary overflow facility” at the Great Plains Correctional Facility in Hinton, Oklahoma, which was allegedly used to process migrants who crossed the border illegally and release them in western Oklahoma.


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