Boston-based pro rower and professional athlete from Tagalong develop virtual training camp to help Americans improve their fitness as pandemic trends move in the positive


BOSTON, June 23, 2021 / PRNewswire / – Celebration Massachusetts’ reopening plan, Bostonprofessional rower based Maher wool launches virtual summer training camp to help Americans meet growing fitness challenges due to the pandemic. Laine’s 5-week training program, called DEAR (repick up Eall Asd Row / Run) was designed in response to direct requests for advice on motivation recovery, COVID-19 weight loss, and the successful integration of exercise into weekly routines. DEAR start July the 5the and is available on for $ 150.

Maher can be seen regularly rowing on the Charles River as well as on waterways across the United States as an athlete for Hydrow, the outdoor reality rower live. Her workouts touch thousands of people, many of whom have contacted her via social media to find out how to structure their physical condition to get real results. In addition to rowing, Laine is a competitive marathoner (2016 Chicago, 2019 Boston) and made these sports the work of a lifetime. She coaches athletes in private through To follow, a technology platform for fitness, and makes rowing and running the best cardio / endurance exercises for staying fit and healthy while burning calories.

The 5 weeks DEAR The program is designed to help people of all ages and fitness levels take control of their health and get in shape. Participants agree to run / row 10 minutes / day, 5 days / week. Weekly group check-ins, giveaways, and the end-of-month fitness challenge make the virtual camp fun, interactive and rewarding.

“People find it difficult to lose COVID weight and don’t know where to start,” Laine explains. A February 2021 A poll found that 42% of Americans gained an average of 29 pounds in 2020, with 10% over 50.2 Another national study found that 43% of Americans suffer from a lack of motivation to exercise and 85% are eager to make positive changes in their physical activity.3 There is excitement and anticipation around the camaraderie of training with others again. Professional / peer led groups can help improve physical activity levels.4

“With cities like Boston openness, I had people contacting me from all over to guide them with rowing / running. In an effort to help as many people as possible, I proposed the DEAR Virtual summer training camp. My goal is to connect people and create a community that celebrates the movement together. “

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