Cannot sell guns to traders – Jaeger, Fence, Mechanic


Not being able to sell weapons to Escape from Tarkov traders, such as Jaeger, Fence, or Mechanic, is an issue that some players have encountered. You might have a cache full of all kinds of guns, and none of the vendors wants to take some of them. And what are the weapons for then, just taking up space? Well, in our Cannot sell weapons to traders – Jaeger, Fence, Mechanic – Escape from Tarkov guide, we’ll show you why sellers sometimes refuse certain guns and what you can do about them.

Cannot sell weapons to traders – Jaeger, Fence, Mechanic – Escape from Tarkov

Cannot sell weapons to escape Tarkov traders – Jaeger, Fence, Mechanic

If you can’t sell a weapon to any Escape from Tarkov trader, be it the Jaeger, the Fence, or the Mechanic, chances are the weapon durability is too low. The general rule of thumb is that if the weapon has durability below 60, sellers won’t want anything to do with it. And yes, they don’t care whether you just got them fixed or not, because that’s how Tarkov rides. So if the durability of the weapon you are trying to sell is not more than 60, you can forget about it.

Well, that’s not quite right, I’m a little mischievous. Even the smallest firearm can be sold for parts; at the very least, it doesn’t hurt to try. Take the gun apart and sell the receiver to the fence, then take the rest of the parts and sell them to the mechanic. Chances are, you won’t get the same amount of money as if you were selling a complete gun, but it’s better than nothing. This is the best way to get the most out of a weapon that you cannot sell to Jaeger, Fence, or Mechanic traders in Escape from Tarkov.


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