Car loan despite debt – of course – it’s that easy

Do you need a car loan despite debts? Then please sit back and relax.

Because, most auto loans are forgiven despite existing debts. Otherwise, the housing estate would leave many a “landlord” only with the “bike”.

Nevertheless, it is not equally easy for everyone to discover the right credit for themselves.

Despite debt favorable vehicle loan – in 4 sentences

  • If you can afford your car loan, you will receive suitable offers
  • Use the attached comparison for your credit search
  • Check your credit prospects quickly and securely
  • Apply for this – at first non-binding – the car loan you like

Car loan despite debts – everyday life for the bank

Car loan despite debts - everyday life for the bank

Without a car, most people do not come from their place of residence to work. Apart from metropolitan areas, public transport in Germany is not “practicable”.

There are not enough buses. In addition, too rarely to the destination, which everyone strives for individually.

In plain text without a car, the industrial location of Germany is still. Thus, the car loan despite debt is not a special case, but rather the normal case.

One hand on the heart, without the Dispo left at good 50 percent of all current account holders to the end of the month, the refrigerator empty. Without the credit card, which of course initially runs into debt, the online trade collapses.

99 percent of all home builders would not even have to think about having their own house – without credit. Thus, the car loan belongs despite virtually all household debt.

Car loan – how the bank thinks

Car loan - how the bank thinks

Basically, banks simply think about their credit decisions. It is important, because every “systemically important” lender is obliged to grant exclusively secure credit.

The credit check must therefore be positive. In order to do this with car loans despite existing debts, in principle very simple points have to be fulfilled.

Another positive factor is that the vehicle represents a lendable asset. First, the income must be sufficient to cover all ongoing costs and an additional rate.

Moreover, the income should be considered “safe in the long term”. Whether someone can afford his credit, shows the budget surplus bill.

The budget surplus corresponds to the maximum installment payment ability. Incidentally, existing debts themselves have hardly any impact on personal creditworthiness.

Provided they are served on time, completely and without any problems. The bottom line, if no negative features burden the credit bureau, car loan is easy to approve despite debt.

Possible problems – how to clear out?

Possible problems - how to clear out?

Nevertheless, it may happen that the requested bank shows her cold shoulder. But, lack of credit does not have to be the reason.

For example, if there is already a installment loan with the bank, it may be that the terms and conditions do not allow a second loan. Thus, the credit rejection is not problematic.

A simple change of provider to another bank will probably solve this problem with the extra car loan. But, in principle, make sure that requested banks for credit check only ask a condition request at the credit bureau.

Otherwise any apparent request has a negative effect on your personal credit rating. After all, there are not any additional stones in the way.

Problem – Credit with the bank statement

Problem - Credit with the bank statement

More and more banks expect to see the bank statements. It serves the collateral security for the bank and the customer.

Besides, it’s basically not a problem unless there’s something to hide. Typical reasons for declined car loan despite debt would be:

  • Chargeback due to lack of coverage (KO reason)
  • Payment to collection companies (KO-Grund)
  • Excessive Dispo (awakens doubts)
  • Credit card statements from several providers (raises doubts)


If the bank statements show the aforementioned weaknesses, it is in their own interest to forego additional car loan. Nevertheless, there are ways out.

It would be possible again the provider change. Finally, there are still many options in the credit comparison, in which no account statements are to be submitted.

Alternatively, a private loan, which mediates for example Creditend. Or, of course, a risk loan, such as LoanKick’s extra loan.

In all these cases, car loan is possible despite debts and bad statements.

Rejected – income too small or uncertain

Rejected - income too small or uncertain

A plague of that time, in elections citizens should remember who it was, is the temporary work. Obtaining a sufficiently high car loan with a time contract is already difficult anyway.

If more debts are added, a term beyond the time limit is out of the question. Unless the bank is presented with a second debtor who steps in to help.

In spite of existing debts, the car loan would be claimed as a loan for two people in this case. But, the second applicant must be “solvent”.

In other words, he or she has a sufficiently high and secure income. The signature of a houseman or a housewife, another temporary worker, will not succeed.

Car loan from abroad – despite debt without credit bureau

Advertisement for the credit without credit bureau of a foreign bank often promises much more than it can hold. Basically, a car loan would be possible despite debt without credit bureau.

But only if there is no over-indebtedness. In addition, there is no entry in the debtor directory and the borrower can afford his credit. In advertising, it sounds a lot easier than it is in reality.

The application is made as a small loan. Basically limited to three different loan amounts.

3,500 USD, 5,000 USD or 7,500 USD without credit bureau would be possible. The term is already fixed in all cases.

Always 42 months in duration, starting with a payment break and followed by 40 equal monthly installments. If there are other credit lines available on the net – without credit bureau buying a car – it is either a lie or a leash-free lease.

Car loan – for free use

Car loan - for free use

Up to now, car loans have always been a matter of thinking about the purchase of a new vehicle or a good used car. But car loan is not only interesting for that.

It can also be added to the rescheduling. In this case, the paid vehicle serves to secure the loan of a freely usable loan.

The offer for rescheduling or for freely usable credit with the motor vehicle letter, comes from many banks. A look at the loan conditions shows whether the desired provider is willing to make the comparison.

Likewise could serve over Crediloan or Creditend the car letter in spite of debts as security.

Conclusion – car loan despite debt


A car loan despite existing debts is in most cases a simple everyday loan. Too many worries are therefore superfluous.

If, contrary to expectations, problems nevertheless arise, numerous alternatives can be used. The bottom line is the car loan despite debt almost always possible.

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