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TO HARVEST- “I’m so glad she stayed with us this season,” Sparkman volleyball team head coach Chandler Phillips said of his feelings for senior player Cassie Reasner who has already committed to sign a college scholarship with the University of Kentucky to play softball.

“She could have easily decided not to play volleyball this season and focus on her upcoming softball season in preparation for signing with Kentucky,” Phillips added.

Reasner, the Senators star athlete in both sports, added, “I always wanted to finish my four years of volleyball and I didn’t hesitate to play volleyball this season.

The 5-foot-10, 150-pound Reasner is the starting shortstop for the Sparkman softball team and made an early verbal commitment to travel to Kentucky to play softball with the Wildcats. She was invited to Team North at the AHSAA All-Star Sports Week competition in Montgomery, but nearly missed that elite event after suffering two injuries late in the season’s regular season. 2022. Reasner suffered a broken finger and was cramped sliding into second base and suffered a severe cut in his right knee, which required 20 stitches. Her injuries caused her to miss the postseason game for the Senators, but she recovered in time for July’s All-Star event.

The 2022 volleyball season has been injury-free for Reasner who has put up incredible stats for the No. 7 ranked Lady Senators in Class 7A (39-8) for much of the current campaign. His numbers on the field are very impressive, Phillips said. On the season at this point, Reasner has 46 aces, 521 kills, 27 blocks and 389 digs.

“She’s definitely a student of the game and has a lot of power in addition to being consistent,” Phillips said. “She is one of those athletes that I don’t have to worry about because she has high expectations of herself and she doesn’t let us down. He’s the hardest working athlete I’ve had as a coach. Volleyball is not his main sport and that is what is most important.

The daughter of Randy and Kelly Reasner, who are both in education as careers, has a 3.9 GPA and wants to pursue a career in physical therapy once in class in Kentucky. While playing an outstanding brand of volleyball, Reasner also looks to his senior softball season. Five days a week, she attends Planet Fitness in Madison for a 60-90 minute workout that starts at 5:15 a.m. Sometimes her dad accompanies her as she works on a total body workout, but focus on both his legs and his arms. Her training is designed for the two sports in which she excels.

“On the volleyball court, I feel like I’m the energy giver for the team because I’m very vocal and I keep the team with a high level of excitement while having fun,” said Reasner. “It’s unlike any other season I’ve played volleyball. Being tall helped me a lot in the front row, because thanks to my training, I was able to jump higher than ever.

At home, Reasner is mixing softball into her daily routine in preparation for the upcoming 2023 season. She can be seen throwing the softball to her dad and practicing batting in the hitting net her dad set up for her. On the softball field, she handles her shortstop position as well as anyone in Alabama. “Being tall helps me get to the liners from the start. I’ve learned to use my length at my stance.

Away from the volleyball court and the softball field, Reasner is described as his teammates’ best friend. Phillips added: “He’s the kid everyone wants.”

In her spare time, she has helped many charities through school and has been a big volunteer for the Miracle Baseball League in Madison. His studies in the classroom allowed him to be part of the National Honor Society.

The Senators are heading to the playoffs and Reasner along with fellow senior Ariel Fuqua, who recently set the school record with 3,375 assists, intends to take the Class 7A school to the top of volleyball in Alabama with nearby rival schools Huntsville and Bob Jones looking to stop the Senators’ push.

It doesn’t matter if it’s softball or volleyball, Reasner is at the top of his game.

“We are very lucky to have her in our team. She is the complete package. She is a machine,” added Philips.


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