Chipotle names Azzi Fudd and Jaiden Fields the College’s first athlete ambassadors.


Chipotle Mexican has announced that Chipotle superfans Azzi Fudd and Jaiden Fields will join the Chipotle team and become the brand’s first college sports ambassadors.

Chipotle will work with Fudd and Fields throughout the year to promote their “Real Food for Real Athletes” platform, which aims to help athletes of all levels perform their best through real food and real ingredients. They will also be the first college athletes to receive Chipotle Celebrity Cards, which are owned by a small, elite group of celebrities, athletes and influencers and grant access to Chipotle for free.

Fudd is a very accomplished and famous basketball player from Arlington, Virginia. She graduated from St. John’s High School in Washington, DC where she was 3x DC player of the year, 2x national player of the year and 3x gold medalist as a member of USA Basketball.

Jaiden Fields’ brother, professional football quarterback Justin Fields, previously partnered with Chipotle to start the Justin Fields Bowl with sofritas, brown rice, fajita veg, romaine lettuce and guac, leading in the professional football repechage. Jaiden and Justin are the first siblings to enter into sponsorship deals with Chipotle.

Over the next year, Fudd will help Chipotle identify an organization close to her that supports underrepresented communities and get that group included on Chipotle’s true platform for change. Through Real Change on the Chipotle App and, Guests can round their change to the highest dollar amount to support Featured Organizations that are driving real change and cultivating a better world. Since the program’s inception in 2020, Chipotle has raised over $ 8 million for groups like the National Urban League, the Kids In Need Foundation, and the Trevor Project, among others.

“Our real food has long been an integral part of the diet of elite varsity athletes, and we are excited to finally start fueling their careers in an official capacity,” said Chris Brandt, Director of Marketing. “Plus, we want to empower role models like Azzi to rally fans and give back to the causes that matter to them through our true agenda for change. “

Shortly after the NCAA policy change that allowed varsity athletes to enjoy their name and image, Chipotle posted a tweet on July 1 that encouraged fans to tag a varsity athlete who needed a Chipotle sponsorship (see here).

In response, Chipotle received thousands of sponsorship requests from varsity athletes across the country and the brand has since responded by offering nearly 3,000 varsity athletes ten (10) free entries to their Chipotle Rewards account to recognize their fandom. .

Chipotle is committed to working with college athletes who are true fans of the brand. His team constantly uses social listening tools to identify potential partners who regularly talk about the brand on social networks.

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