Clip of elephants in Tamil Nadu flattening fence to help calf goes viral – Reuters


By Express press service

COIMBATORE: A video of two elephants helping a calf through a solar fence in Narasipuram, on the outskirts of Coimbatore, has gone viral. The video shows five elephants that came to farmland in search of food and water. As two crossed the solar fence first, two could be seen flattening the fence for the calf to pass.

The villagers’ voices can also be heard in the video where they express their compassion for the herd, especially the calf. Wildlife activists and animal lovers believe that the public’s approach to wild animals has changed. In the video, a woman from the village is heard saying that the baby elephant is a newborn (pachapulla) and part of her family.

Additional Chief Secretary to Government, Ministry of Environment, Climate Change and Forests Supriya Sahu shared the video on Twitter and said, “Class Z security for the cute (baby) Kutty elephants by the family elephants. I hear the villagers say with empathy “let the kutty go”..absolutely heartwarming.

“The herd of wild elephants entered the farmland on Friday evening. The farmland is only three kilometers from the Narasipuram forest. Our staff went there and diverted the animals to the forest. , they returned to farmland on Saturday, our staff diverted them using firecrackers and horns, adding that there was not much damage to the crop and properties.


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