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Colorado Head Coach Tad Boyle

Opening statement

“Not a nail bite tonight, thank goodness. We didn’t have to worry as much on the home stretch, but I think it took our guys about eight minutes to wake up and realize that part of our game plan was defensive pressure and intensity. We still have to try to figure out how to put together a full 40 minute game and how to start the jump, but overall I’m happy. We hit a lot of our numbers tonight. In terms of our individual game goals; 40% defensive baskets percentage, plus eight on boards – we led the boards – we allowed only five threes, only four offensive rebounds and we had 10 turnovers. So when you hit those numbers, the score takes care of itself. Hopefully our young players can learn from this – not that we’re going to hit all of these goals every night – but each of them matters depending on who you play. That’s what we need to understand as we face more formidable teams in the home stretch that starts Friday with Southern Illinois.

On the intensity of the second half
“Our intensity increased and we started pushing a bit at the end of the first half and that kind of got us started. We wanted to wear them out. Part of the game here (in Boulder) is wearing out the teams. Good teams come out, and they came out in the first eight minutes and it was a bit of a tit-for-tat. We weren’t able to make a lot of saves and we weren’t very good offensively either. But I thought that in the second half we had really started to share the ball well. We really made some selfless play in the second half, which is really heartwarming. If our team doesn’t play with an agenda – individual agendas – offensively, we have a chance to be good enough because we have a lot of weapons. Lots of guys who can score on different nights and that’s one of the mantras we’ve had in the last few days in training and will continue. We have to play for each other and not for ourselves. If we do that, we’ll be pretty good.

On Nique Clifford and KJ Simpson providing a spark on the bench
“I think Nique and KJ, you can put these two guys in the same category. Both come in, both are perimeter players and both play with a lot of energy. Nique bounces the ball well and does a lot of really good things for us. So I consider him the sixth starter and KJ kind of embraced that role coming off the bench. He’s a guy who can also play games, especially on the open floor. We really didn’t see much of KJ on the open floor. We have to make stops to be able to do that. He showed some flashes tonight. The turnover bug did not affect us too much. KJ had four, it was kind of his night to have a lot of turnovers. Jabari (Walker) and Tristan (da Silva) were the first night (Nov. 9 against Montana State) and Keeshawn (Barthelemy) was the second (Nov. 13 against New Mexico). Tonight it was KJ’s turn. Once we get everyone under control with this ball, we’ll be good. We’re a good shooting team, all we have to do is shoot on goal – kind of like the football there. “

On the deep and more guys get minutes
I thought Julian Hammond had done a really good job. It took him a long time. He was a little nervous when he walked in there and made some tough mistakes, but it’s a learning curve for him. He had not known the first two games like everyone else. Luke O’Brien, I think he played really well. He had four interceptions and was very active. He got a big offensive rebound in the first half. I like his aggressiveness. He had a good practice and a flat at Keeshawn there in the second half. I thought these two kids had done a good job in the minutes they had. It’s hard to play 10 in a spin – usually it’s around eight or nine. These guys just have to be ready when their numbers are called. It is sometimes a difficult position to occupy, but they have to understand it and I think they will. I trust them both.

On the game of G Keeshawn Barthelemy
“Keeshawn (Barthelemy) wants to be a good player. He wants to do the right things and (be) conscientious. I don’t care about any specific guy. There are nights when you need to realize that maybe this is not your night in terms of games, this is when you need to trust your teammates and not try to overdo it. Keeshawn has a goalscoring mentality. He will find that as we move forward (in the season) the teams will be watching him. They will help more on the journeys. Maybe they’ll team up on a ball screen. He will have to learn how to become a distributor
as the tusks lean over him. That’s the beauty of this team. We have other guys who can step in and do it. When (Keeshawn) has space and he’s on the open ground, and our spacing is such a big part of our attack, he’s really hard to keep in space. He is so quick and quick. He has great lift on his jump shot and it really worked on his float and pull games. He does great things for us.

On CU’s high rebound margin in the game
“This is absolutely what we want. We also know that as we go down the road this whistle is not so friendly. As you get into the Pac-12 game, things seem to level out a bit more. You can’t count on the free throw. We always want to put bad pressure on the other team and get to the free throw line, but we probably won’t get there as often as we do now. We always want to play backwards. We always want to be in attack mode. The rebound is something we take our hat off both offensively and defensively. Defensively, tonight, we gave up four rebounds. (Maine) averaged 14 offensive rebounds in the two games they played. They have big, strong guys. We did a much better job on the defensive glass. I remember two of their four offensive rebounds. I know when they arrived. I know who abandoned them. We’re aiming for perfection, but if we can give teams four offensive rebounds on as many missed shots as they’ve had, we’ll take it all night.

About Maine Scouting
“It was difficult because they are on the east coast. We don’t recruit a lot in this area. We didn’t have a good idea of ​​their staff. Coach (Mike) Rohn did the best job he could, but this game was about us. It was a difficult tracing report. This is why the game plan was quite simple: get great shots, play backwards and attack (Maine’s defense) Defensively, (our game plan was) to put pressure on the ball and limit their opportunities. second chance. Our guys did a great job.

On the play by C Lawson Lovering
“No one is harder on himself than Lawson. It can be a good thing. He and I talked about it. He’s something that can be negative and we can’t let him turn negative because he’s going to be a good player. The most important thing with young post guys – Evan (Battey) lived it, Josh Scott went through, Wes Gordon lived it. You go down the list of our big players who played early in their careers. Young adults are in a hurry. Right now he’s in too much of a hurry when he catches the ball, before he catches it, or even after he catches it. He had a (game) there, if he just takes his time and stops on both feet, he goes up and dunk it. That’s okay but he’s just trying to go too fast. He becomes frustrated. He has to let go of that, learn and keep improving. Lawson will be fine. We will need him sometimes because I touch wood, let’s hope Evan has no more problems. Lawson is an excellent rim protector. He’s going to be a good player for us this year. We just have to get him through these difficult times. The most important thing he needs to work on offensively is, before catching it, to be ready before he catches it, rather than catching it, then picking it up and getting on. It’s too slow at this level. He could get away with this in high school. Here he has to be low and anticipate the coming ball as it is coming. It goes up as it catches it. Just slow down – be faster but slow down. The old quote from John Wooden, right. “Be quick, but don’t rush. That’s what Lawson needs to understand, and he will.

Colorado players

Keeshawn Barthelemy, So., G

On ball safety
I just want to play my game, be aggressive and look for offensive possession for my team. Overall I think I did a good job taking care of the ball.
As a team playing in the Virgin Islands

“It starts with intensity and just taking possession by possession. When we’re not playing at home sometimes we shake, but if we increase our defensive intensity early on, that shouldn’t be a problem. I’ll be focusing on Illinois on Friday. We’ll take it from there.

Jabari Walker, So., F

On the team’s defensive performance

“We preached to come out strong in the first half and we didn’t do the job we expected, so the second half allowed us to improve. [As] starters, we have the responsibility to start the game, and the second half is strong. We want to improve that and I think we made a big splash in the second half.

On the slow start of the team

“I know it puts a lot of pressure on our bench when we don’t split up early in games. So we’re just saying we can’t do that and we have accepted the responsibility to start in the games and start well. We need to improve. In the second half we got off to a better start so we didn’t have to put pressure on the bench to split the game.

On young players having the chance to play

“It’s an amazing feeling because they work so hard and they deserve it. They deserve more minutes than they played tonight. Everything they get is amazing. They practice every day with us; they deserve it. work as hard as all of us, wish they could play more.

Maine Head Coach Richard Barron

On the competition against Colorado
“They expose things that you don’t do well. They were deep and talented. They come to you in waves. I was happy with the first 12 minutes or so of the game. I thought we were doing great. (Colorado) has stepped up its intensity and we need to learn how to deal with it better. We let go of our game plan and our identity when they had a run, which is going to happen against these good teams. There are a lot of lessons we can learn from watching a movie. “

On how Maine can capitalize on their good first 12 minutes of play
“Lots of lessons learned from the film, then put into practice. We have to play the way we want to play. We have to keep working on our conditioning and our endurance, mentally and physically. To be able to do that for 40 minutes is to practice the practice, and it is to teach it through the film.


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