Cops handcuffed mom before she ran for her kids


A mother-of-two from Robb Elementary School says she was handcuffed by officers while the shooter was still inside before jumping a fence and running into the school to retrieve her children to safety on Tuesday .

Angeli Rose Gomez, mother of a sophomore and a ninth grader, told the the wall street journal she drove 40 miles to the school in Uvalde and was one of many parents pleading and yelling at officers to come in early to take down 18-year-old shooter Salvador Ramos.

After a few minutes, she said, a U.S. Marshal handcuffed her, saying she was under arrest for intervening in an active investigation, according to the Journal.

It took nearly an hour before Ramos was killed by a specialized U.S. Border Patrol tactical team, authorities said. During this period, he shot dead 19 schoolchildren and two teachers.

Gomez recognized a few local police officers from Uvalde and convinced them to tell the marshals to remove the handcuffs.

Once freed, she walked away from the crowd, jumped the school fence, ran inside the school building and grabbed her two children. The three sprinted out of school together, she said.

Frantic parents of children stuck in Robb Elementary yelled at law enforcement officers to enter the school during the fatal shooting.
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Gomez told the Journal that she decided to charge the school herself as officers waited outside the building “doing nothing.”

“They were standing just outside the fence,” she said. “They weren’t going in there or running anywhere.”

The latest from the Texas school shooting

A spokesperson for the US Marshals Service denied his account – telling the Journal that deputy marshals had never handcuffed anyone outside of the school.

Harrowing videos captured the heartbreaking moans of parents who feared for their children’s lives as they watched police loiter outside the school building.

Dora Mendoza, grandmother of victim Amerie Jo Garza, wipes tears from her eyes as she pays tribute to her granddaughter and others at a memorial site for victims of the elementary school shooting Robb on Thursday, May 26, 2022, in Uvalde, Texas.
It took nearly an hour before gunman Salvador Ramos was killed by a specialized US Border Patrol tactical team.
Kin Man Hui/The San Antonio Express – News via AP

“What are you doing – enter the building!” one person screamed in a video, while another shouted, “Go protect the kids!”

Some fathers have also jumped the fence and smashed classroom windows to get their children out, a first responder told the Post.

The mother said she was not the only relative targeted by officers at the scene, which she described as chaos.

She said she saw police tackle one father to the ground and spray another. Officers tasered a third father, she said, when he approached a school bus with students on board to pick up his child.

“They didn’t do this to the shooter, but they did this to us,” Gomez told the Journal, referring to herself and other parents. “That’s how it felt.”


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