Czech Republic eliminates Canada from Olympic basketball qualifiers with upset OT


Where does Canada go from here?

Blake Murphy, Raptors Beat Writer: I feel like every two or three years we talk about Canada Basketball coming back to the drawing board. The big difference this time around, compared to 2019, was a much better commitment from their top players. They must ensure that another misstep does not undermine this momentum and discourage future participation.

There is a long road to the 2024 Olympics with the 2022 Americas and the 2023 World Cup being key events for the program to gain experience and hopefully secure a place earlier at the Games. Olympic so they can stop losing and … you are excluded from the generic qualifiers. Oh, and they have to convince Nick Nurse to stay.

What did we learn about Canada from the qualifying tournament?

Murphy: The biggest takeaway is something the United States has learned over the years: it is not enough to have a high participation of talent. Yes, Canada was missing some key pieces and its road was made more difficult by a low turnout which reduced its World Cup chances in 2019.

Still, this is a roster that was almost completely flipped as of 2019, and while it improves with every game, the lack of awareness and lack of connection experience was evident against teams. more veterans like Greece and the Czech Republic. Indoor size and 3-point shooting are areas to tackle, but really this young group needs more time together.

(Photo: Mert Alper Dervis / Anadolu Agency via Getty Images)


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