Datamars Livestock Tru-Test Fence Monitoring System Product Launch – North America.


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Datamar Livestock has smart solutions to help farmers, ranchers and producers keep their livestock safe 24/7 with the Tru-Test Fence Monitoring System. Solar-powered nodes placed along an electric fence continuously monitor voltage and send automatic alerts whenever a voltage drop is detected.

The Tru-Test Fence Monitoring System works with any brand of energizer. You can run up to 50 Fence knots with a farm walkway interface that collects information from nodes, transmits it through the cloud and directly to any smart device so that a problem can be solved before livestock have a chance to escape. The tough, weatherproof farm walkway easily attaches to the wall of a barn or house. Easy to install Nodes monitor up to 1,640 feet of fence and record a measurement every two minutes. The system can be expanded to cover larger areas simply by adding more nodes.

Farmers, ranchers and growers can reduce workload and time by no longer having to physically check miles of fence in all weather conditions and have peace of mind even in remote locations. With instant alerts that identify problems immediately, there’s no other smart farming system like the Tru-Test Fence Monitoring System.


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