Dater’s Daily: IIHF World Junior Championships canceled, Marchand tears up NHL over Olympics, what I’m reading


Happy Wednesday to you all. A cool and windy day in Denver, but sunny. There still hasn’t been a drop of snow on the ground here this winter. Maybe some dusting one day, but that was it. So, bad news today for fans to watch exciting and promising young hockey players. The IIHF World Junior Tournament was canceled today. You know why.

  • There is going to be a lot of anger about this. Anger and frustration. The players have received their vaccines, there are very rarely symptoms and young fit athletes do not fall dead from Covid. That tournament was called off the day the NHL announced it would also reduce quarantine time for asymptomatic players from 10 days to five days. The CDC says one thing one day and the next the next. Everyone is completely confused – and tired of it.
  • That last paragraph allowed me to channel what I hear all the time from the NHL and other hockey players about all of this. Me? I’m just trying to shut up these days and stay out of trouble lol. It’s not like Adrian Dater’s opinion on Covid is going to change a fucking thing anyway.
  • The story about reducing the quarantine time (
  • No, Adrian Dater isn’t going to start speaking in third person, by the way.
  • Evgeni Malkin cracked the media during a Zoom availability, including a line on his wealth (Pittsburgh Hockey Now)
  • Brad Marchand wasn’t too thrilled with the way the NHL made its decision to cancel players’ participation in the Olympics. The No.63 even used backyard language to describe what he thought about it (Boston Hockey Now)
  • Did anyone tell Marchand that the NHLPA is okay too?
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  • Five Important Scenarios For The Red Wings In The New Year (Detroit Hockey Now)
  • The Capitals Are Finally Healthier (Washington Hockey Now)
  • Interesting story about how NHL players and coaches once had a meltdown over a new rule – ban closing your hand on the puck (Hockey News)
  • They start asking, on the island, if it’s time to trade Semyon Varlamov (NYI Hockey Now)
  • I just started this new book and love it. My son today, however, when I said that the subject of the book was: “He’s lame.
  • Being the father of a 17-year-old, people – interesting.
  • By the way: to those who contributed to the Avs Travel Tip Jar recently, for what was supposed to be for Monday in Vegas that was postponed: unless you object, this money will soon be used for a game on the road.
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