Dumont student athlete who died suddenly, 14, had undetected heart disease, dad says


The sudden death of a 14-year-old Dumont boy who collapsed while playing basketball was caused by undetected heart disease that is the second-highest killer of student-athletes nationally, his father said.

The shocking death of Aaron Vasquez on November 20, 2021 had nothing to do with COVID or a vaccine, he added, despite what some cruel strangers posted on social media.

Medical examiners who performed an autopsy concluded that her boy had “an exceptionally strong heart and healthy coronary arteries,” Kevin Vasquez wrote in a GoFundMe Update this week.

However, “one of them was in a place which, if not surgically corrected, could lead to death,” the grieving father added.

The loss was nearly impossible for Vasquez’s devastated family to bear. On top of that, the same social media platforms that brought the family expressions of loving sympathy — as well as contributions to Aaron’s funeral costs — also carried a heartlessness that in itself was impossible to comprehend.

Aaron “was not under the effects of coronavirus or any coronavirus vaccine,” Kevin Vasquez wrote. “The pandemic played no part in his death, whichever side of the issue you stand on.

“We publicly forgive all the scurrilous speculation that has come from both sides of this public debate,” he added, “and hope that those who expressed their opinion would understand how hurtful it was to hear them apply. to that, our misery, without reservation.”

Aaron, who hoped to one day become a Major League Baseball player or coach, had finished practicing with his recreational league team when he decided to stay at Grant Elementary School to play ball with his younger brother.

Shortly after, he collapses.

A trainer who is a hospital doctor immediately started CPR. Members of the Dumont Volunteer Ambulance Corps took Aaron to Hackensack University Medical Center, where he was later pronounced dead.

Aaron was “wonderfully designed and perfectly designed by his Heavenly Father,” Kevin Vasquez wrote in an April 14 update.

His death “was caused by cardiac arrhythmia as a result of a previously undetected abnormal coronary artery,” Vasquez added.

The grieving father urged others to get heart screenings for their children. “A brief convenience can save a lifetime of grief,” he pointed out.

“To our beloved family, friends and neighbours: Thank you for your overwhelming and persistent show of love, support and solidarity with our family during this difficult time,” he wrote. “While our goal is to speak more clearly about Aaron’s life and death in the months ahead, in addition to our vision to preserve and extend his loving legacy, we are still deeply grieving and you will understand our continued silence.

“We rely on the grace of Christ and his assurance of the resurrection.”

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