Dutch athlete attributes positive doping test to cheap chicken


Dutch athlete Solomon Bockarie tested positive for growth hormone GHRP-2 during an out-of-competition test in early July, the sprinter has announced. He insists he didn’t dope. His spokesman Robbin Pieterman speculates the hormone got into his system from the cheap chicken he ate, LIT reports.

“I don’t know how this product got into my body,” Bockarie told the broadcaster. “I only know one thing for sure. And it is that I did not use doping. If anyone vehemently opposes the use of banned stimulants, it’s me.

According to Pieterman, Bockarie tested positive after eating chicken he bought at The Hague market. “It could be that this chicken was treated with hormones and it got this hormone in its body by eating this chicken,” Pieterman said. “Fortunately Solomon still has pieces of that chicken at home. We will try to have it examined to show that the hormone entered Solomon’s body through this route.

“I have a lot of questions about this check and the results,” Bockarie said. “Let me emphasize that an athlete is responsible at all times for substances in their body. But in this case there is so much that is unclear that I would like some clarification.

Vincent Egbers of the Anti-Doping Authority declined to comment on the matter. “We are waiting for the athlete’s official response first,” he told NOS.

Bockarie was part of the Dutch team at the Rio 2016 and Tokyo 2020 Olympics.


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