Eddie Jones fires back at Wallabies fan after SCG win, pisses on rooftop, reaction, video


England manager Eddie Jones was captured reacting angrily after a customer was sled at the Sydney cricket ground on Saturday night.

Meanwhile, another fan has been charged and given a lifetime ban from Rugby Australia events after appearing to urinate on the roof of one of the stands during a night of bad behaviour.

Jones, who coached the Wallabies from 2001 to 2005, was heading to SCG after their 21-17 win when the Australian fan called out the England manager and branded the great Randwick a ‘traitor’.

A Rugby Football Union spokesman confirmed that Jones was heckled several times before and after the game.

“It was every time to and from the march to the coaches box,” the spokesperson confirmed to foxsports.com.au.

England beat Wallabies in thriller | 00:57

After hearing the comment, Jones turned around and objected to the comment.

Jones moved over to the man wearing the Wallabies cap and gave him a serve.

“What did you say? What did you say,” Jones said.

“Come here and say it. Come here and say it. Come here and say it.

At that point, the security guard accompanying Jones reached out to stop Jones from approaching the man on the edge of the limb boundary.

The security guard also pointed to the customer saying, “I’ve spoken to you before.”

Contacted by foxsports.com.au On Sunday, Jones expressed his displeasure with the incident.

“Clowns think they can abuse coaches,” Jones said. foxsports.com.au.


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Meanwhile, a man has been charged after appearing to urinate in the Bill O’Reilly stand during the game.

“At approximately 9.20pm on Saturday July 16, a man was at a sports stadium in Moore Park when he allegedly climbed onto the top of a scoreboard in the stadium and onto the roof of a spectator stand,” said a NSW Police spokesperson.

“Officers attached to Surry Hills Police Area Command and Rescue Police attended and removed the man to safety shortly thereafter, prior to his arrest.”

The 31-year-old was charged with “behaviour [an] offensive manner in/near a public place and climbing on buildings on classified land without authorisation”.

The man was released on bail and is due in court on July 25.

The behavior of the rugby supporters was poor.Source: FOX SPORTS

In a statement provided to the media on Monday morning, Rugby Australia CEO Andy Marinos described the actions of the suspected rooftop intruder as “deplorable”, “shameful” and “dangerous”.

This individual has been banned for life from Rugby Australia events.

Marinos also commented on the verbal abuse directed at Jones and England staff.

“Offensive remarks made by spectators in the members’ areas towards England staff were unacceptable – and not representative of the values ​​of rugby,” he said.

“We have a zero tolerance policy for inappropriate behavior and we are working with Venues NSW on appropriate sanctions for such individuals.

“Rugby prides itself on the values ​​of respect and integrity – as seen in the players of both teams after the final whistle of a hard-fought series at the SCG on Saturday night.

“We expect spectators to adhere to these values ​​of respect and integrity when attending rugby matches – and hopefully in society at large.

“Please cheer on your team with everything you have – but please always show respect for others.”

England players celebrate their victory against the Wallabies in Sydney. Photo: Getty ImagesSource: Getty Images

Ahead of the tour, Jones warned his team to expect an unsavory reception from Australian audiences.

“For Australians, it’s the biggest tour ever,” Jones said. “I’m sure it will be fun. It’s completely different conditions, really hard flat tracks, abusive crowds. The Aussies are in the face. The media is going to be in our face.

They are aggressive. It’s a really aggressive environment. You can learn so much about your players and your team on these tours, and we missed it.

The England manager has hinted that it’s more than a week since his side’s streak equaled victory at Brisbane a week ago.

“You have 48,000 people full of booze and all they want to see is their team win,” Jones said.

“When you turn them down, it’s a great experience. A great feeling.

“I was coming out of the coaches’ box and they were all wearing their scarves. When did Australians start wearing headscarves? It’s trendy, isn’t it? They’re not so smart now.

“Before the match, they come and say to me: ‘You are going to be belted tonight.’ Now they’re a bit quieter. So that’s good. I appreciate that.”


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