Estonia installs temporary fence along border with Russia – world


TALLINN, November 20. / TASS /. The Estonian armed forces, along with the police and border guards, have started the construction of temporary fences along the eastern border of the country.

“It is only through real action that we will find out what is the joint capacity of the Defense Forces and the Police Council and border guards to install temporary fences at the border, and what material, technical and human resources are needed for this, ”Egert said. Belitsev, deputy director general of border management of the Police and Border Guard Council, said, as quoted by the BNS news agency.

“So far, the migratory pressure on Estonia has not increased, but if this changes, the rapid construction of temporary barriers will play an important role in preventing illegal mass migration,” he said. declared.

According to the news agency, work has started in the northeast and southeast of Estonia.

On November 17, the Estonian government decided to call in 1,684 reserve soldiers for emergency exercises to build temporary barriers along the border. Estonian Defense Minister Kalle Laanet said the ministry will install 130 kilometers of barbed wire fence along the country’s eastern border to prevent a hybrid threat.

The migrant crisis intensified dramatically on November 8 at Belarus’ border with Poland, Lithuania and Latvia, where migrants have been flocking since early 2021. Several thousand people have approached the Polish border from the territory Belarusian and do not leave the border area. . Some of them tried to storm Poland by crossing barbed wire. European Union countries have accused Minsk of deliberate escalation and called for sanctions. Belarusian President Alexander Lukashenko has said that Western states must bear responsibility for the crisis, because their actions are driving war away.


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