Ethan Brown takes first step to reimburse supporters when he was banned from Airbnb with Moe’s triple last Friday


Ethan Brown made the best possible return to riding last week after being banned for breaking Covid rules and is determined to repay the loyalty of the coaches.

Jockey Ethan Brown used the perfect formula to correct a mistake.

It was a simple approach. Work hard, do your time and be ready to reward the confidence of your supporters when the time comes to get back to work.

Brown missed more than three months after being one of five jockeys suspended for attending the Airbnb party that violated Victoria and then Covid-19 curfew in August.

Rather than avoid his mistake, Brown made the most of his forced break from the race by doing as much work as he could for coaches Leon and Troy Corstens, Ciaron Maher and David Eustace, and Matt Laurie.

“The time went by quite quickly actually. It’s probably because I’ve stayed so active, ”Brown said.

“I had good support around me, a few close friends and my girlfriend, so we got away with it. “

This hard work did not have an immediate payoff as Brown was unable to ride in the spring.

But that left Brown ready for his first day back in Moe last Friday.

Brown had a hat-trick and came close to a fourth winner in just six races at the Gippsland site.

The jockey also showed his eagerness to work by unsuccessfully stopping at The Valley for a ride on the way home.

“By going to that Moe reunion, I was determined to mount a winner. It was my goal to make this happen, ”said Brown.

“When I drove a winner, I felt like I accomplished what I wanted to do after three months off. “

Brown was happy to make a few light jokes at his expense from the other runners as a way to welcome him back to the fold.

“Just coming back to the jockeys room, it was business as usual,” said Brown.

“It was good to be back in the jockeys room and get back in the saddle.

However, a hat-trick at Moe was never going to be enough to satisfy Brown in his comeback.

The jockey said he was desperate to repay the coaches who supported him by working him hard during his forced absence from the race.

“The job is definitely not done now,” Brown said.

“I really want to accomplish a lot more than hatching Moe.

“These coaches really supported me during my suspension. They gave me a lot of work and kept me active.

“I always had the choice of going there and getting up to work or not, but given that they gave me these opportunities, I was very grateful. “

The Alice Springs-born Brown has three rides in Sandown on Wednesday, including Comic Set for former boss Mick Kent, before starting the hectic vacation season on Boxing Day.

After so long off the stage, Brown just wants to ride some winners – and a lot of them.

“I’m fresh, ready to go and eager to go like never before,” Brown said.

“For me, it’s more about managing myself properly. I just have to be smart in the way I position myself rather than going to hell with the leather.

“I’m going to go strong on my own, but it’s about working smart. “

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