Female athletes recount “demoralizing” competitions against biological men: “Lost opportunities”


Two female athletes competing in high school sports who has already pursued without success to prevent biologically male athletes from participating in female sports at a Connecticut school, joined “Fox News Primetime” with their lawyer to discuss the effect that a particular part of the Woke program had on their performance and experiences .

Alanna Smith and Selina Soule told host Ben Domenech they felt powerless to compete in track and field against transgender born males.

Smith said that during her first year, she faced two individuals born male, whom she described as having physiological advantages over biological women like her:

“It was really demoralizing knowing that all of my hard work and the hard work of all the other female athletes was not paying off and we were just running for second and third,” said Smith.

“[W]We weren’t going to get the places we really deserved. “

Soule told Domenech that she had had similar experiences, in that she had to compete with biological men during all four years of high school – a feat she said had robbed her of the opportunity to earn a spot in the New England Regional School Track and Field Championships.

“I lost countless opportunities… I had to compete against these athletes more than a dozen times. Each time I lost without fail,” she said.


In February 2020, a federal judge appointed by Bill Clinton closed their case, ruling that there was nothing to be resolved as the transgender athletes identified in the lawsuit had already graduated.

In April 2021, the couple planned to appeal Judge Robert Chatigny’s decision.

On “Fox News Primetime,” the girls’ lawyer, Christiana Holcomb, said they deserve to compete on a “level playing field.” [with] the same quality of opportunities that their brethren have. “


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