FENCING: women triumph in all competitions, men win three at Brandeis



The women’s fencing team won 6-0 at the Brandeis Invitational while the men’s team took three wins.



In their first tag team competitions of the season, the Yale men’s and women’s fencing teams performed well.

On Sunday, December 5, the Bulldogs traveled to Waltham, Massachusetts, where both teams competed in the Brandeis Invitational. The women’s team finished 6-0 against opponents such as host Brandeis University, Massachusetts Institute of Technology and the University of St. John’s, while the men’s team finished 3-2 with wins over Brandeis , MIT and the University of the Incarnate Word.

“There is a lot of work ahead of us, but it was a good starting point for the season,” said interim head coach Marat Israelian. “It was our first official competition and it was important for us to be ready to compete and to be aggressive. The [women’s] The team went undefeated and shot well, but could have done better in some individual fights, but overall they were very competitive. The men’s team lost two games to good teams from BC and St. John’s and would need to adjust a bit, but fought hard all day. We will draw our conclusions, work on our mistake, and be ready for our next meeting. “

With games starting at 9 a.m. sharp, the women’s team started the day against host Brandeis, where the Bulldogs won a decisive 23-4 victory. Broken down, that victory included a 5-4 victory in saber with returning fencer Sophia Zhuang ’23 and rookies Stephanie Cao ’25 and Cassie Wu ’25. The 9-0 foil victory also features veteran Emme Zhou ’23 and two rookies, Erica Hooshi ’25 and Helen Tan ’25. Meanwhile, the 9-0 épée match featured three returning fencers, Shirley Wang ’22, Joy Ma ’22 and Linda Liu ’23, as well as rookie Christina Zozulya ’24.

The women would beat Boston College 19-8 and repeat the same score in their next win over MIT. After both Boston Schools, the Bulldogs beat St. John’s in a narrow 14-13 victory before beating the University of the Incarnate Word 24-3. In their final game of the day against Wellesley, the Bulldogs repeated their scoreline against Massachusetts Schools with a third 19-8 victory.

“The energy will definitely change [before Brandeis]”said Zozoulia.” I can see how people are going to be more different, be more excited and want to uplift each other. It will definitely be a month of intense training… it’s going to be really great for all of us.

The men’s opener was a much tighter competition with a single-digit margin of victory for the Elis in the score of 14-13. The Bulldogs stuttered in their next game against Boston College and lost 16-11 to the Eagles before coming back 14-13 to MIT. The Elis lost to St. John’s 9-18 before closing the competition with a 19-8 victory over the University of the Incarnate Word.

In a competitive match against MIT, the men’s team won in saber and foil 5-4 each, but lost épée 4-5. Rookies Charlson Kim ’24 and Victor Osoliniec ’24 accompanied team captain Nicolas Del Vecchio ’22 in the saber victory.

“My goal [with Brandeis] is to keep my stamina to always give the best of myself given the large number of fights that we will be doing while being there for my team, ”said Kim before the competition.

The Bulldogs will participate in the Penn State Invitational on the weekend of January 8.


Hamera Shabbir covers women’s and men’s golf as a journalist. Originally from the Central Valley of California, she is a second year student at Branford College with a double major in political science and environmental studies.



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