FIFA 22: FUT Draft Mode Gets Exciting Changes (Leak Confirmation)


FIFA 22 will be released in full on Friday, October 1, 2021, and Twitter leaks suggest the FUT Draft game mode will undergo massive changes.

The developers of the EA Sports game are evolving the franchise as we know it in this latest game as they seek to win back a part of the gaming community frustrated by the lack of changes in the latest FIFA games.

There has been an absolutely insane amount of social media leaks over the past few weeks and it looks like it won’t stop until release.

Not only is the popular Ultimate Team game mode going to have some cool new features, but the popular Career Mode and Pro Clubs game modes appear to have some new game-changing features as well.

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FIFA 22 FUT Project Changes (Leaked)

The latest social media leaks came via a Twitter account @FutSpy and that’s great news for the community.

They posted on Twitter that the popular FUT Draft game mode, which players can play on Ultimate Team for the price of 15,000 coins or 300 FIFA Points, will undergo big changes.

The one FutSpy revealed is the fact that there is a select set of reward sets that contain packs with a guaranteed amount of 83+. It’s great to hear that players will be able to win packs with just 83 rated players, because they’ll finally feel like they’re getting deserved rewards.

The fact that FutSpy has announced that the game mode will be revamped suggests that it won’t be the only change coming to FIFA 22. This is very exciting news and I hope we will hear more about these changes ahead of release. of the game of football.

FUT Draft has huge potential to be a lot of fun, but many feel that the rewards you receive for the price you pay are not enough. This new addition will definitely see a lot of the community wanting to play the game mode.

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