Finland will build fences on its border with Russia


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Finnish authorities plan to install new barriers in border areas with Russia, reports MTV3. Border barriers may appear for high-risk areas and critical areas – border crossing points and nearby territory, said Marko Turunen, commander of the border guards of North Karelia, writes

“It is an important decision to start building fences on the eastern (Russian) border, either in key areas or to cover most of the border with them. This is a massive change for us , so it requires decision-making at a higher level,” Turunen said.

The 1,340 km long border between Finland and Russia is separated by a barbed wire fence, which “does not play any role in preventing border crossings”, also said Jukka Lukkari, deputy commander of the guards. borders of southeastern Finland. This fence was installed to prevent pets from escaping.

Finland had previously indefinitely closed the Parikkala border crossing with Russia, which was used for transporting goods, Yle reported.

The decision was taken because of the sanctions imposed on Russia on April 8, which include a ban on entry into EU territory of trucks with registration numbers from Russia or Belarus. “After that, traffic through the Parikkala checkpoint was reduced to zero, and now it has been decided to close it completely,” the agency said.

Polish border service plans to build a wall on the border with Russia were announced in February by Deputy Minister of National Defense of the Republic Wojciech Skurkiewicz. Poland borders the Kaliningrad region, the length of the land section is 203.3 km.

As Dmitry Lyskov, head of the press service of the government of the Kaliningrad region, explained, a fence has already been built on the Russian-Polish border from the Russian region, from Poland it does not exist, but the part Polish really plans to build the.


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