First fence section installed at the border between Latvia and Belarus / Article


Almost seven weeks after the state of emergency was announced in the border area, the first section of the fence was erected, Latvian television reported on September 28.

The first section was built from the 5 kilometer long barbed wire offered to Latvia by Slovenia in early September. It was installed in several layers and is only 1.7 kilometers long, which is not exactly what border guards had hoped for.

“As soon as we can see a more serious fence, it will be removed. The material for this temporary fence will return to the armed forces in the future, ”Defense Minister Artis Pabriks said.

The defense sector has identified a company that will provide an additional 37 kilometers of barbed wire.

“The Provisional State Agency is currently dealing with the signing of the contract, provided that the company can provide the required quantity of barbed wire within 15 days. That’s not all, we will have to announce a new prize competition to cover the remaining kilometers. , but we will be able to start work as soon as the first tranche is delivered, ”said Interior Minister Marija Golubeva.

“There is a very high demand for barbed wire in the market right now, as three countries are trying to secure their borders with this temporary fence at the same time. It also happens that entrepreneurs, although promising to deliver, do not always deliver on time, ”Golubeva added.

On Tuesday, the first floor of the temporary fence was installed in Krāslava County. This is where most border offenders crossed the border, around 500, estimated state border guard chief Guntis Pujāts.

Border guards will continue to be assisted by the national guard and state police. Additional resources will no longer be needed only when a fence with various technical aids is built.

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