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Recent blasts of high winds above 100 mph in Centennial State have created a business boom for roofing and fencing companies.

Wednesday’s hurricane-force winds smashed trees and utility poles, overturned tractor-trailers and ripped shingles from roofs, leaving many Colorado residents to assess their homes for damage.

Shawn Beard, owner of Pro Fencing and Landscaping in Morrison, said he prayed that his phone would ring before the storm hit and they won’t stop.

“We received 200 calls yesterday and 400 more so far,” Beard said. “It gets to the point where it becomes unmanageable. “

Beard said after a heavy storm it’s not uncommon for business to pick up. But it has “never been like that”.

“One of my sales people (people) had 13 dates today and that’s just crazy. I mean trying to do five in a day is hard, let alone 13,” he said. said Beard. “I’ve helped with appointments all day and I’m the owner so I normally take care of all the paperwork and leave sales to my employees. But that’s just not an option for me. the moment.”

The strongest winds in the metro area were recorded at Golden on Wednesday, where gusts peaked at 97 mph at White Ranch Park. Karla Ferguson, owner of J&K Roofing in Golden, said she too has seen an increase in service requests.

Michael Moore, owner of Divine Roofing in Colorado Springs – where gusts reached 107 mph at the U.S. Air Force Academy on Wednesday – said service calls had more than doubled. Because of this, his company had to postpone work on other projects to focus on wind damage.

“A lot of people are aware and understand that there were great emergencies caused by yesterday’s storm,” Moore said. “So we had to rewrite the schedule a bit, but we are certainly able to handle the volume of calls.”

For roofing and fencing companies, the “busy season” is usually between May and October. During the holidays, business slows down, officials said.

Every business owner who spoke to the Denver Gazette said anyone who has suffered damage should contact an insurance agent or contractor. Before you do an inspection, look for shingles or other roofing material on the floor, look for broken or loose shingles, and look for shingles sticking out of the roof, Moore said.

Beard said there are two things homeowners can do to value their fence. The first is to shake the post. If it’s loose, it’s probably damaged. You should also assess the age of your fence. If there’s dry rot, it’s probably time to post a new post.

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Moore said people without proper certification should not climb onto their roofs as they could injure themselves. He also recommended calling a contractor before contacting your insurance company.

“The cost of the repair could be less than what your deductible would be on your insurance policy. So if you call the insurance company for a few missing shingles, it’s still a claim on your file,” said Moore.

Many roofing companies believe the deluge of calls will continue for at least 10 to 14 days.

Ferguson said calls could rise again when people realize their roofs are leaking due to the invisible damage from the windstorm. No matter when someone asks for help, roofing companies will be ready.

“We just want people to know if they see damage or shingles that are bent or curled to give us a call or call another professional roofer to make sure it’s not something that may lead to something. bigger, ”Ferguson said. “Better to be safe than sorry.”


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