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Since joining the Somerset High School women’s basketball and football teams, Grace Bruner has proven to be one of the best Lady Jumpers in the school’s rich athletic history.

Bruner, a two-time county-wide soccer player, has led the Lady Jumpers soccer program in scoring for the past two seasons. Bruner has also led the Lady Jumpers basketball team in goals and rebounds for the past two seasons. Bruner was also a member of the Somerset High School 2021 State Championship cheering team.

But long before athletics was an important part of Grace Bruner’s life, farming was what she loved the most.

“Just living on a farm is important to me,” said Grace Bruner. “I love living on a gravel road and by a creek. Growing up, my siblings and I would always go outside to play and go to the creek. If dad ever needed help on the farm, we always go out to help. “

Before basketball and football, Grace Bruner started competing in a different arena than the now familiar Briar Patch and Clara Morrow Field. From a young age, Grace Bruner began to present cattle in competition.

“I showed three different species of cattle – cows, pigs and sheep,” Bruner explained. “My parents thought it was important to gain confidence and deal with fears of handling large animals. I had to learn to work on the farm. I also sold meat to consumers directly.

When Grace Bruner isn’t working on her basketball shooting or soccer shots on goal, she takes care of the many tasks involved in raising competitive cattle. But just like her desire to compete and win on athletic fields, Grace Bruner also enjoys competing and winning in her cattle shows.

“Cattle must be fed, watered, worked, that is, given injections, deworming and other health needs,” said Grace Bruner. “Showing cattle is like a sport. You have judges. You walk your animal while keeping your eyes on the judges. You must place your animal in a certain position and you must be able to answer the judges’ questions about them. “

“You take part in the directing, that’s when the judges judge you,” Bruner added. “You are also competing with the animal against other animals. The animals are judged on quality and structure. We use certain lines that are higher for show.”

“One of my steers won a lot of big county fair champions and took me to Final Drive at State Fair,” Grace Bruner boasted. “I show at many different county fairs in Kentucky.”

Growing up as a triplet – with an older brother and a younger brother – Grace Bruner and her four other siblings have all managed to balance their sport and work on the farm.

On the athletic field, Grace Bruner strives to win matches for the Briar Jumpers. On the farm, Grace Bruner and all her family work as a team.

“We have always lived on the farm and have played sports for as long as I can remember,” said Grace Bruner. “Showing cattle is a family event. It takes everyone to prepare the animals.

“Showing is just another way to help something,” said Grace Bruner. “I love competing in everything, I guess that’s part of being a hat-trick. I also spend time with my dad and my family, which gives me a little break between athletics and work. school.”

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