Gruesome wreckage marks the final lap of the Daytona Xfinity race


The engine and rear axle were torn from Myatt Snider’s car in a freak last-lap crash during the Xfinity Series season-opening race at Daytona on Saturday.

Snider was caught up in a crash on the back stretch as the riders battled for their finish position and hit the outside wall. When his car hit the wall, he was hit by another car and the rear end flipped through the air. This catapulted his car into the fence above the wall and the cables sheared off pieces and pieces of Snider’s car.

Here’s how the accident unfolded. Snider immediately lowered his window net to signal that he was fine and got out of the car when security guards arrived.

Snider’s engine skidded on the track after being ripped from the car and hit by Matt Mills’ car. It was the scariest crash at Daytona since Austin Dillon’s car flew into the front barrier during the July Cup Series race in 2015.

This accident happened two years after Kyle Larson’s car hit the fence during the Xfinity Series second tier race in February 2013. The fence ripped the engine from Larson’s car in that accident and the engine got stuck in the fence.

There are no more grandstands on the straight at Daytona. Several fans were injured in the sinkings of 2013 and 2015 due to the closeness of the stands to the straight. Instead, there is now parking for motorhomes and other campers. Bubba Wallace was with team owner Michael Jordan on that side of the track and the crash happened right in front of them.

Austin Hill won Saturday’s race passing AJ Allmendinger on the final lap just as the crash unfolded. The Xfinity Series race ended on bail, as did Friday night’s Truck Series opener at Daytona. Sunday’s Daytona 500 is the third of three races under the NASCAR banner at Daytona this weekend and is scheduled to start just after 3 p.m. ET.

Myatt Snider was able to get out of his car after this accident. (via Fox)


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