Harwelden Mansion owner says several years of consideration went into the decision to add a fence to the property | Local News


A fence being built around the historic Harwelden mansion is a needed addition to the property, owner Teresa Knox said.

A new membership program allows exclusive access to the domain. Other routes to the grounds have yet to be decided, but will often be open for educational programs and historical tours.

Knox said the National Historic Landmark and National Historic Landmark spans nearly four acres and, with nearby Gathering Place, many visitors assume it’s part of the city’s public park system.

“Because of this assumption, there is a lot of foot traffic that Harwelden’s small staff have to deal with,” she said.

“Although we are located in a beautiful area of ​​our city, we have constantly suffered damage, theft and vandalism. Our primary objective is to protect the integrity and heritage of the 1920s property, but the comfort, safety and security of our guests are equally critical. Those who benefit from Harwelden’s mission – tourists, historians, students, other businesses, government officials and celebrities – expect peace and security on the grounds of the mansion.

Knox said it was after several years of evaluation and consideration that a decision was made to install a fence as a practical preventative measure that provides a first line of defense against unlawful influences.


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