‘Helpful’ courier throws package over fence and sends photo in the air as proof of delivery


While home deliveries have become a regular feature for the majority of people, hilarious incidents involving delivery people happen from time to time. But this new viral delivery story is nothing like what you’ve heard before. A man who goes by the name of Phil Hollingsworth took to Twitter to share a hilarious incident involving one of the delivery drivers who was tasked with dropping off his ordered product.

Surprisingly, the delivery driver in question was not a regular driver who would show up at your door and drop off the package. Hollingsworth shared that his delivery driver threw his package over two fences when he wasn’t home to collect the package. What is more interesting is that the delivery man also took a picture of the package in the air as proof of its delivery.

Hollingsworth revealed he was completely shocked to receive a confirmation email regarding the delivery of the product. When he opened the email, he was surprised to see the photo of the air parcel flying above the fence. The contents of the package consisted of a few items from a perfumery. Initially, Hollingsworth was distressed to see the image, however, when he found the contents of the package still intact, it became one of his life’s unforgettable memories.

He took to Twitter to share, “I fondly remember my perfumery delivery being ‘delivered’ in this helpful snap. That’s not wrong either. I walked through two fences to access my back garden. Kudos to the delivery driver for 1. A decent goal. 2. Get a photo immediately after launching it.

He added: “Absolutely 100% authentic. At first I didn’t think it was my package. I thought it was a pigeon! Imagine my surprise when I saw the package lying on my back garden. And none of the Savages inside were damaged either! The driver should be in the Commonwealth Games!

The image of the delivery has taken social media by storm. A barrage of netizens responded to the tweet. While one said, “This wins for best delivery photo I’ve ever seen.”

Another added: “This is really awesome! Even if it had broken, they would deserve props for tech skill levels! »

Another chimed in to add, “That’s a pretty epic throw! The congratulations are well deserved!”

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The viral tweet garnered over 3,000 likes on the microblogging app.

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