Historic Maple Park Cemetery in Springfield raises funds for modern fence renovation


SPRINGFIELD, Missouri (KY3) – The operators of a historic cemetery in Springfield are hoping it will get a modern makeover.

If you live in Springfield, you’ve certainly seen the iron fence that surrounds Maple Park Cemetery on Campbell and Grand.

“It’s a piece of identification for the cemetery as well as for the maple trees in the fall and all that sort of thing,” says historian Tim Ritter.

The fence is over 135 years old and with its age has its own history.

“What’s fascinating about this fence is the fabrications, it’s not really what they did for a living,” says Ritter. “It was a foundry that made other metal parts, but building fences was a side business. “

The company, Mast, Foos & Company, was originally from Ohio and was recruited for this special project.

Doors and small feature details are all part of the maker’s style and have never been replicated. The company no longer exists.

Some of the unique features suffered the same fate as those that remained inside the fence.

It is missing parts, it needs to be straightened and welding work needs to be done to keep it in perfect condition. The biggest part of the renovation is the paint job that needs to be done. At least $ 55,000 in restorations are needed to restore the fence. And a fundraiser that takes place this weekend is hoping to do just that.

“The community really enjoys this cemetery because they can walk in it, a lot of young people are learning to drive here, the Parkview track team trains here,” said Patti Penny, cemetery board member.

The fundraiser on Saturday will be hosted by Ritter. And it will feature artists playing historical figures from the Springfield Little Theater. Dinner for the event will be from Prairie Pie.

Tickets are on sale until midnight Monday. To get yours, click HERE or call

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