I’m furious after my neighbor put a fence around my parking spot – now I have to take a five minute detour to get there


NEIGHBOR WARS can make everyday life so stressful that some people have decided to walk away altogether.

But a woman found herself in a delicate situation after her neighbor decided to close off her access to her parking space.


His neighbor fenced off his parking spot while he was still using his land to access his spotCredit: Getty

Speaking to Mumsnet, the woman explained that she had always cut through her neighbour’s front yard to gain access to his car.

But now her neighbor has put up a gateless fence, meaning she has to take a five-minute detour to get to her car.

She wrote: “I shared a door with my neighbor on our patio to access our parking lot.

“Each of the four terrace houses has a parking space adjoining our gardens.

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“My use of the gate shared by me and my immediate neighbor meant that I walked through 30cm of that neighbour’s garden.”

She said the arrangement had been around for about 17 years, but now her neighbor has built a fence so she can’t access the parking space.

The woman said she tried to resolve the situation with her neighbor but it appears no compromise was made.

To top it all off, her neighbor “is currently using a bit of my land to access her parking space.”

She added that she had no right of way in her name and asked Mumsnet users if the fact that the shared gate that was in place for twenty users constituted an easement.

However, many on Mumsnet suggested blocking her neighbour’s access if she used her land to get to her parking space.

One wrote: “Block him too then.”

Another person commented, “It’s time you closed his access then.”

A third wrote: “Wait…your neighbor is using your land to access his space but won’t let you do the same with 30cm of his? I will stop all access until this is resolved.”

Meanwhile, a fourth added: ‘Block access to him until you can negotiate a quid pro quo.’


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