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New Westminster, BC — (Release Wire) — 05/20/2022 — The QS Fencing team offers you commercial fence in vancouver. They collaborate with all kinds of companies looking for tailor-made solutions to increase safety and security. One of their specialties in Vancouver is working with Port Security.

After a 12.3% drop in exports in 2020, Canadian exports increased by nearly 22% in 2021 according to Statistics Canada data. With the post-COVID economic recovery underway, port operators anticipate a significant increase in volume and transactions – and being prepared means installing the appropriate security. This is where trade fences come in. To find out more, visit

For port operations, security is one of the most strategic requirements. Ensuring the protection of goods entering and leaving the port and workers is essential to the success of the operation.

When considering port security, it is necessary to focus on three aspects: protection against theft and theft, occupational safety and sustainability of operations. The first point is obvious to minimize financial loss and reputational damage, but worker safety and smooth implementation are equally important for businesses.

To improve port safety and security, commercial fencing is one of the best and easiest solutions to implement. Here are some different ideas from QS Fencing on how to approach the challenge.

1. Movable fence
A movable fence allows great flexibility – it is possible to demarcate areas and temporarily limit access to specific areas. Movable fences can be kept in place for as long as needed – they are clean and modern, without impairing visibility.

2. Iron fences
These fences are sturdy, making them a good option for perimeter fencing. In addition, iron is durable. Although it is prone to oxidation and rust, it can last for many years if properly maintained.

3. Aluminum interior fences
To delimit risk areas and create separate spaces for machinery and equipment, aluminum fences are an excellent option. Aluminum hardly rusts, which is a plus when exposed to sea air. It is also lightweight and economical, making it a great cost-saving device that can be customized according to different needs.

4. Barbed wire and barbed wire
For an added layer of security, some commercial fences can be accessorized with features such as razor wire and razor wire. Fences like chain link are particularly durable and can even be coated in a range of colours.

To enhance the security of a port or any business, QS Fencing works with a wide range of fencing materials and types. Simply contact the team with a challenge, and they’ll present you with different options, which can be installed and maintained by their team of seasoned professionals. Learn more about commercial fencing in Vancouver by calling QS Fencing at (604) 777-3057

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Founded in 2010, QS Fencing is a family business that aims to provide quality products and superior service. This is a licensed and insured Vancouver residential and commercial fencing company. All employees are also insured by the WCB. QS Fencing serves the geographic areas of Vancouver, West Vancouver, North Vancouver, Burnaby, New Westminster, Coquitlam, Port Coquitlam, Port Moody, Maple Ridge, Richmond, Surrey and Delta, British Columbia. To learn more, visit or call (604) 777-3057.

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