In India, sporting success is seen as the tip of an iceberg

August 22, 2021 | 5:45 AM HIST

In India, sporting success is seen as the tip of an iceberg

India has won the most medals at the recent Tokyo Olympics. While we failed in most of the team events, the Indians have proven themselves to be a power to be reckoned with. The few athletes who collected medals received bonuses, including cash and promotions. ALLAN VALENTINO D’CRUZ writes how India has a strange practice of the government pouring money into wins rather than the development of champions. It’s no different in Goa either


Congratulations to Neeraj Chopra, Mirabhai Channu, PV Sindhu and others for their recent success at the Tokyo Olympics. Indian athletes have made the nation proud by winning the most medals at the recently concluded Olympic Games. But it wasn’t until after their triumph that the government gave cash rewards to athletes – a bizarre practice of the government pouring money into wins rather than the development of champions. The kind of money you get after winning is huge. Sports federations, companies, politicians, etc., and they are all there to pay awards. Well, it certainly deserves the amount of effort these athletes have put in over the years. Neeraj Chopra was awarded with Rs 13 crore while silver medalist Mirabhai Chanu received almost Rs 5 crore with all other facilities. We are not against such a practice, the appreciation is good, but do you think it is a solution to obtain the maximum glory for the nation? Certainly not. Instead, the government and business might think otherwise. This is the stage of development of an athlete who consumes a maximum of resources and would need maximum support from the various authorities. This is the stage where athletes need maximum resources, but are left to their own fight. The association, sports organizations and athletes all are on their own in the crucial part of their preparation process. This is the time when the money should be invested in sports. Victory always tastes sweet, but the journey has been bitter for any athlete. The process of training and purchasing equipment proves to be costly, as many talent likely retires at an early stage while few continue for their passion supported by their own determination or hardworking family. But is this the only battle they are fighting? Well, this is just the start of the ordeal. Athletes must then train in a lack of suitable infrastructure and this is no longer a secret. Twenty-five kilometers from the sports facility, silver medalist Chanu had to depend on Sand transport trucks to get around for her training. This is a classic case where she had to fight her own battle. The Indian hockey captain had to play with a broken stick. Unimaginable but unfortunately true. We often find athletes talking about these situations across India. In Goa, it is even worse. Many athletes denounced the lack of support from government and sports organizations. But who is listening? It’s like ringing a gong, without decibels. Besides football, Goa did not make a name for itself in other sports on the national stage, but Yash Fadte took the name of the small state on the world stage. For anyone unfamiliar with Yash, it was a Goa-based squash sensation that won the Junior US Open. Well, he’s not the only athlete, but he’s the best of times when, despite being one of the best squash players in the world, he’s been left on his own throughout his career. course and always train alone. For the past 7-8 years, he has traveled to Mumbai on weekends to train due to the lack of facilities in the state. With the increasing popularity and acceptance of various sports in the country, we all thought and expected things to change for good in Indian sports culture. However, with more accomplishments, things are more likely to stay the same in a country that likes to contribute only to victories. The statement may sound harsh, but the bitter truth and the real situation are even worse. From lack of basic provisions, faulty equipment to poor infrastructure, who even hears their cry? It is only when medals are earned that they are remembered, praised and rewarded. Otherwise, they get lost in the long list of athletes, who could have won us a medal, but get lost for lack of support from the competent authority. There is no limit for talent in India. A country of 1.3 billion people has managed to become champions in the field of cricket, thanks to the huge cash flow in sports and the best infrastructure provided across the country. Instead of bombing crores after the victories, if the authorities work on a sports system and a policy to provide as many sports facilities as possible across the country with the best infrastructure and the best support for athletes, we will be able to achieve the maximum. medals at games. – ASSOCIATIONS SPEAK OF CUR! – After the Olympics and the medals, we saw money flowing for the winners, and it is good and it is deserved. But the question is why after? In fact, it takes money and support to reach that level first. Businesses or the wealthy or even the government should start adapting talented children to the sub-juniors field, and over the next ten years they will have to take care of their diet, training, basic facilities such as equipment and other requirements, competitions, etc. measure to ensure guaranteed employment. Only then can we hope for more medals. As the competition is intense, additional training is needed. ‑ Gurudatta Bhakta, Secretary of the Olympic Association of Goa Many good prospects drop out at the initial stage due to lack of financial support at the initial level. Very few of them will endure the immense difficulties that are there in the initial stages of reaching national standards. This can be overcome by using the funds smarter. The government must merge the Khelo India Games with the Nationals organized by the Federations. By organizing separate Games, there is duplication of effort and substantial funds are used in the business, which can otherwise be allocated to the athletes for their training. The country’s top talent can be identified and these athletes can be funded directly to meet their training needs as well as exposure through national / international participation. On a related note, Goa can identify the best talent pool, say 20-30 players across all disciplines, and initiate a long-term readiness plan for those shortlisted athletes who have the potential to win laurels for the season. State and Country .– Sandeep Heble, Secretary, Goa Badminton Association India has very talented, rigorous and enduring sports figures, who are mostly from poor families and find it difficult to stand out for their own hard work, as we’ve heard from many Olympian stories. If this talent is spotted at the start and the men / women sportsmen are trained, India would have won so many medals. All business and government just want to eat a baked cake. I agree that sports personalities who have won should be rewarded, but if business and government can donate so much money in crores, why don’t they build stadiums, academies and provide facilities for future talented sports personalities, who remain, to train on their meager income which is not enough to motivate them and their caring families – Farrel Furtado E Gracias, Vice President Goans Hockey & Member of the Exe Committee GOA We have to follow the Chinese model. Catch the best talent when they are young and train them vigorously to become world champions. Focus on the Olympics where India has the potential to excel, such as table tennis, badminton, gymnastics, swimming, athletics, etc. Prepare them in a residential academy where all their needs are taken care of from food, education and the best of training. In addition, these selected athletes are expected to secure their future through good jobs in public sector companies like PSPB, Airport Authority, etc. – Christopher Menezes, former TT player and secretary of state. Goa TT Association –
Reward Won – Neeraj Chopra (javelin gold, athletics) From Haryana CM Manohar Lal Khattar: Rs 6 crore From Punjab CM Amarinder Singh: Rs 2 crore From IOA: Rs 75 lakh From BCCI: Rs 1 crore From Chennai Super Kings: Rs 1 crore IndiGo airline: Unlimited free travel for 1 year From Elan group: Rs 25 lakh From BYJU: Rs 2 crore To be appointed head of the next center of excellence in athletics at Panchkula Mirabai Chanu (Money in weightlifting) From Minister of Railways Ashwini Vasihnaw: Rs 2 croreDe Manipur CM N Biren Singh: Rs 1 croreDe BCCI: Rs 50 lakhsDe IOA: Rs 40 lakhsDe BYJU’s: Rs 1 croreDe Manipur CM N Biren Singh: will be appointed additional superintendent of police in the Police Department of the Ravi Dahiya State: (Silver in Wrestling) De Haryana CM Manohar Lal Khattar: Rs 4 crore De BCCI: Rs 50 lakh De IOA: Rs 40 lakh De BYJU: Rs 1 crore Government Job, HSVP plot at concessional rate PV Sindhu (Bronze in badminton) Andra Pradesh Government: Rs 30 lakhDe BCCI: Rs 25 lakhF rom IOA: Rs 25 lakhDe BYJU: Rs 1 crore


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