Inwood Road neighbor requests fence height exemption in response to burglaries and street racing


The intersection of Walnut Hill Lane and Inwood Road. Photo courtesy of Google Maps.

A neighbor who lives on Inwood Road near Walnut Hill Lane has requested a waiver of the fence height limit.

He wants to build a six foot high fence in his front yard, and he needs permission from the Adjustment Council to do so. Currently, fences cannot exceed four feet. The neighbor also needs a special exception to the obstruction of visibility regulation.

In the request, the neighbor says the fence will not have a “negative impact” on his neighbors, since they already have six-foot fences and gates installed on their properties. The plaintiff based his need for closure on his desire for increased protection against burglaries and street racing.

There have been recent break-ins in this area of ​​our neighborhood. There was one in a single family residence near our neighbor’s house in March, and there have been numerous vehicle break-ins nearby since early 2021. Access the interactive crime map here to see exactly where and when the crimes took place.

We wrote about street racing in March. Reports of street racing have increased from 4,867 in 2019 to 8,441 in 2020. Former city councilor Jennifer Staubach Gates told us there were 11 reckless driving incidents in District 13 in a single night of January.

If the recovery commission grants our neighbor’s request, he will have 180 days to request a permit to install the fence.

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Renee Umsted

Renee is Associate Editor at The Advocate, covering Dallas ISD and Zoning and Development.


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