Iowa House Passes “Transgender Athletes” Bill; goes to the senate


CEDAR RAPIDS, Iowa (KCRG) – The Iowa House of Representatives has passed HF2416which, if also passed in the Senate, would ensure that the only students allowed to participate in sporting events or sports designed specifically for boys or girls would be prospective students whose birth certificates identify them as such way.

Debate on the subject has been contentious, with opposing sides arguing their case. In the end, the bill passed with 55 votes in favor and 39 against.

One athlete said she believed passing this bill would jeopardize the sports she loves.

“I love playing sports, I do, because I can do it with my friends. If someone told me I couldn’t participate with my friends, I would feel left out,” said Gavy Smith, a transgender athlete “I would be sad if I couldn’t participate with friends like most girls my age.”

But some students said allowing transgender athletes to participate would create an unfair playing field.

“They’re biologically male, and they have a lot more testosterone and their muscles develop differently, which makes them stronger,” said Ames 7th grader Poppy Malone.

The bill just needs the signature of the Iowa Senate and Governor Reynolds to become law.

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