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Jackie Robinson’s legacy goes beyond the sport that made him famous. The man who broke baseball’s color barrier lives on – in his job, his family and his legacy of social reform.

He fought for a better society until his last days, bringing to light the lack of black coaches, managers and front office workers in baseball. The club Robinson played for, the Dodgers, is now managed by Dave Roberts, the son of a black father and a Japanese mother.

The Dodgers, along with the rest of Major League Baseball, will honor Robinson’s lasting impact on Friday, April 15 marking 75 years to the day that Robinson made history. David Robinson, who is Jackie’s youngest son and the director of the Jackie Robinson Foundation, spoke to The Athletic ahead of the milestone birthday.

Some answers have been slightly edited for clarity.

Seventy-five years old. What does this mean for you and your family, and what will Friday’s league-wide celebration look like?

I think we are celebrating a victory that took place in 1947, where we moved from an officially sectarian and segregated national pastime to a time when people of African descent could play, improve the game, be employed and take America in a New Era to examine the opportunities and benefits of working together. And I think by the end of that 1947 season, a large percentage of people who were wondering what might happen had learned the potential and the real benefits of working together. So it was a victory.


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