JH Fencing buys the first Bobcat MaxControl system in the UK


JH Fencing Contractor Ltd, based in Holmfirth in West Yorkshire, bought the first Bobcat MaxControl remote control system in the UK from Bedale-based Grays Machinery Ltd, the local authorized Bobcat dealer. JH Fencing uses the MaxControl system to remotely control the company’s Bobcat T450 compact track loader, also supplied by Grays Machinery late last year.

MaxControl perfect for the application

Jack Hampshire, owner of JH Fencing, said, “The MaxControl system is perfect for remotely controlling the Bobcat T450 fitted with our post knocker attachment, which we use to install fence posts at a fixed distance. I use the MaxControl system on my iPhone to move the machine and attachment from one installation point to another, positioning the machine exactly where it is needed.

“In addition to allowing me to carry out the work of installing the fence myself from outside the machine, the MaxControl system gives me a perfect view of the entire working area. This means that I need fewer staff and it also increases work efficiency considerably, being able to load and unload more safely and possibly operate in places where I may have felt less comfortable. inside the charger. As a result, I finish work about two-thirds of the time, taking 2-3 hours off in a 10-hour day.

Bobcat MaxControl is a new hardware kit, paired with an iOS app, with simple touch controls designed for smartphones, so remote control using the system is just as intuitive as using a phone app . MaxControl is now available on iOS devices, but an Android version is coming soon.

With MaxControl, Bobcat loader owners don’t need the latest machine like JH Fencing’s T450 or expensive hardware upgrades to enjoy remote control. The system is already compatible with all Bobcat loaders with selectable joystick controls (SJC) dating as far back as 2004. As a result, the MaxControl system provides a new remote control solution that is widely applicable for use in many markets, including construction, demolition, agriculture, landscaping, cleaning, recycling and general lifting and handling.

The new Bobcat T450 offers many advantages

Jack Hampshire added: “I purchased the T450 from Grays for its compact size and operating weight of just 2961 kg, combined with the low ground pressure and high traction provided by the durable tracks of the machine to work in all conditions. Another very attractive feature of the T450 is that it is fully towable and, with a width of less than 1.4m on 300mm tracks, the T450 can fit through even the tightest gates on farms and elsewhere, which is perfect for our work creating new equine arenas. and other fence applications.

“The T450 may be a compact machine, but it provides all the power we need for our work – it’s powered by the proven high-torque Bobcat D24 Stage V diesel engine delivering 41.0 kW (55 hp) of power and combines that with an impressive tipping load and rated operating capacity of 2049 kg and 717 kg, respectively.

When lifting and transporting large loads, the use of MaxControl eliminates blind spots in front of the load and raises awareness of the surrounding environment. Being outside the cabin also allows for face-to-face communication with on-site colleagues, enabling faster organization of work. Operators may never know in advance when remote operation will come in handy, but with MaxControl on the phone in their pocket, they are always prepared for any challenges that may arise.

Remote operation always at hand

Jack Hampshire adds: “Configuration is a snap and very intuitive. You just need to connect the device to the machine via the joystick control and a remote dashboard is formed and displayed on the smartphone. With this flexibility, I can simply start the machine, pull out my cell phone, and control the machine remotely. The return to manual driving is just as quick. It is easy and intuitive to use and has a range of up to 100m. Being app-based, I know I can also benefit from the latest features as they become available.

“With MaxControl installed on the T450, it allows us to combine jobs without having to jump in and out of the loader cab. The ability to operate from outside the cab provides a different viewing angle, helping new and even less experienced operators in tight spaces.

Grays Machinery – Authorized Bobcat Dealer

As an authorized Bobcat dealer for North and West Yorkshire in the UK, Grays Machinery is solely responsible within its region for the sale and service of the market leading range of Bobcat skid steer loaders and compact track loaders, mini-excavators, telescopic loaders, compact loaders. wheel loaders, light compaction and attachments.

In addition to the entire Bobcat line, Grays also offers a full selection of genuine Bobcat accessories and parts to support new and existing Bobcat customers in its area. This is backed by a stock of new and used Bobcat machines for sale. Customers also benefit from Grays on-site service network, covering everything from emergency repairs to routine maintenance.


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