Kennewick man jumped fence to siphon gas from police car


Image credit: Kennewick Police Department

KENNEWICK, Washington – A 31-year-old man has been jailed in Benton County Jail for climbing over a fence in the Kennewick Police Department secure parking to siphon gas from their patrol cars.

According to a press release issued by the KPD, officers received a service call from the suspect, Dustin Cook, on August 31. He claimed the fuel level in his vehicle was low and he needed Kennewick Police to refill his tank. Instead, the officer inquired about his location and gave him directions to the nearest gas station.

Cook thanked the officer and hung up the phone. However, KPD officers say Cook entered the front door of the police station soon after and told a KPD cadet at reception that the police stole gas from him. Cook then explained to the cadet his intention to jump the fence to steal gasoline from the patrol vehicles.

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Authorities say Cook made it through the fence and entered the parking lot, where he was quickly stopped by police.

They retrieved a siphon hose and a 1 gallon gasoline can from his person while he was detained. Kennewick Police also recovered a receipt showing that he had purchased the items just minutes before reporting to police.

Authorities transported Cook to Benton County Jail on second-degree burglary charges.


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