KOAA Athlete of the Week: Mason Black of the Falcons



FALCON – Hoops and hard work. This is what Falcon’s Mason Black grew up on every day.

“I started playing basketball when I was a kid, maybe when I was three,” Black said. “Everyone in my family plays basketball. If you’re in our family you have to play basketball. I grew up with it.”

The Senior Falcon is what most basketball fans call a gym rat, putting in hundreds of shots a day.

“The kid is special,” said Falcons head basketball coach Donald Wood. “It’s the work he does outside of the gym. It’s fun to watch.”

Last week, all of that shooting paid off. Black needed 19 points in the Falcons game against Berthoud to surpass the 1,000 point mark during his high school career

“Yeah, that was a lot of fun,” Black explained. “I set that goal a long time ago. So it’s something I’ve been working on for a long time and it was really fun reaching that goal and it was a fun night.”

Mason reached his goal with less than a quarter and a half to play.

“When I set a goal for myself, I try to achieve it,” added Black. “I’m so determined and I work so hard. And very few get to this point. So once I finally got there, it was kind of a relief, but at the same time, I don’t want to. stop here. I want to continue “

So what’s the next step for the Faith Principal? No, no camping, skiing or fishing. He breaks the Falcons school scoring record set in 2014 by Chances Matlock.

Because the only thing Mason knows is the hoops and hard work as the Western Colorado engagement looks to break the record this week in the Steel City Shootout at Pueblo South.


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