Kyler Murray: Winning as a team, individual rewards will come


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The Cardinals are 3-0 and quarterback Kyler Murray said on Wednesday that the team’s record is more important to him than any discussion of his individual game.

Murray ran for a touchdown in all three wins and pitched for 1,005 yards while completing two-thirds of his passes. This led to him being among the top betting favorites for the MVP award, but Murray said his experience has always been that focusing on team success is the best way to get individual material.

“What is week 4?” It is what it is, ”Murray said via “It’s a long season and I’ve always been raised and learned that if you win as a team, individual accolades will come. That’s how I treated him in high school, that’s how I treated him when I won the Heisman, same for now. I’m not really too worried about MVP or anything like that.

Murray is right that the individual rewards almost always go to the players of the winning teams, but those wins are much easier when he plays the way he does in the early weeks of the season. Should Murray beat fellow MVP contender Matthew Stafford this weekend, the outlook for the Cardinals and himself will be even brighter as Week 5 approaches.


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