League of Legends could become an Olympic event


League of Legends could become an official event at the Olympics in the future. While this concept may seem confusing to some, developer Riot Games has confirmed that it is in talks with those responsible for the Olympics to make the mega-popular MOBA a title that could be involved in the biggest sporting event in the world. While there is no guarantee it will ever come to fruition, Riot believes he has a good chance of bringing MDR at the Olympics soon enough.

Speaking to Dexerto in a recent interview, those at Riot Games confirmed that they had spoken to the Olympics committee about including League of Legends in games in the future. During the last years, MDR was recognized as an official event at the Asian Games, leading Riot to believe that it may one day be included in the Olympics as well. “We are delighted to see esports continue to gain in popularity and recognition,” said Naz Aletaha, Riot Globe manager for League of Legends. “The inclusion of League of Legends as a medal-winning event at the 2022 Asian Games is a major development for the region and strengthens the potential for participation in future multi-sport opportunities. “

Speaking more of the process of seeing League of Legends Added to the Olympics, Aletaha said Riot simply hasn’t had any discussions about the idea yet. “We continue to have conversations with the various leaders at the Olympics. The events that are played at the Summer and Winter Olympics are ultimately a decision for the IOC,” said Aletaha. “Until then, we remain focused on delivering great LoL Esports experiences directly to our fans.”

Overall, the idea of ​​recognizing esport at the Olympics is something that has been slowly gaining traction for some time. And while that idea may just stay the same for the foreseeable future, it seems like it’s only a matter of time before video games end up being involved in the Olympics to some extent.

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