LeBron James is officially a billionaire – the first US billion dollar team sports athlete to do so while playing


LeBron James is officially a billionaire.

According to SporticoLos Angeles Lakers star LeBron James has now earned more than $ 1 billion between his efforts on and off the field.

James won $ 346 million from his NBA contracts and $ 700 million from various out-of-court transactions such as sponsorships, media companies and investments.

James is the first American athlete in the four major sports to rack up a billion dollars while remaining active in his sport – Michael Jordan is the only other known billionaire basketball player, but he has crossed the billion dollar threshold of years after playing over.

Golfer Tiger Woods, boxer Floyd Mayweather and international footballers Cristiano Ronaldo and Lionel Messi have all earned at least $ 1 billion during their playing careers, according to SCS.

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Multi-million dollar sponsorship and support over the years from companies like Coca-Cola KO,
McDonald’s MCD,
+ 2.06%
and the Hyundai HYMTF,
+ 0.77%
Kia owners have all contributed to James’ fortune, but it was savvy business decisions that really boosted his portfolio.

In 2003, when LeBron James chose Nike over Rebook, he gave up $ 28 million. James clearly made the right decision as soon after, Rebook cut his basketball program. Years later, Nike NKE,
and James signed a lifetime contract for the basketball star who could surpass $ 1 billion (while the exact terms are not fully known).

Investments in English football club Liverpool FC, Apple AAPL,
+ 1.17%
Beats by Dre and fast food chain Blaze Pizza have all made James millions more off the court.

James Spring Hill and Uninterrupted media companies have produced television shows for NBC and Starz, created their own podcast network, and have partnered with Warner Bros. Studios for James’ latest film, Space Jam: A New Legacy, a sequel to the 1996 Michael Jordan film.

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Who could be the next billion dollar NBA star?

Kevin Durant seems the most likely. Durant made $ 264 million playing basketball and signed a roughly $ 300 million contract with Nike.

In combination with his venture capital firm Thirty-Five Ventures, Durant has made impressive early-stage investments in companies such as Coinbase COIN,
Acorns, the Uber UBER,
+ 0.12%
Postmates possessed


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