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Who had the idea of ​​installing the black iron fence around the beach at Shepard’s Park in Lake George? I was appalled when I saw this during the fantastic annual Jazz Festival weekend at Lake George’s Center for the Arts. How can you enclose a natural beauty and a landmark with such an ugly and overwhelming barrier. It looks like a prison or a border patrol division. Have we come to a place where we can think of no better alternative than to throw down a massive door without intelligence to prevent people from enjoying the lake? I understand there were issues with crowd control and unrestricted access to water, but this was not a thoughtful solution. It’s a disrespectful slap to the public that drives from all over New York State, surrounding states, and Canada.

For some, it was the only free view that defines Lake George. We have been able to put our feet in the water, rest and lie on the sand and see the activities on the majestic Queen of the Lakes in all weather conditions for many generations. Now he is more formidable than Fort William Henry. Look, they all managed to close an Adirondack legacy. I would like it to be removed as a gesture of acknowledged error. Staffing a security guard from the Village of Lake George during daylight hours would help monitor the area and restore the beauty of the beach.


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