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Fast and easy – these are fast loans without collateral . Often people borrow money by pledging their belongings. However, there are credit companies that lend money without pledge, they are fast loans on the Internet. Quick credit will come in handy for young people who have nothing to pledge. Instant loans mean 10 to 15 minutes and you already have money in your bank account.

So who can borrow fast loans without collateral ?

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It all depends on the conditions of the lender company, but mostly you can borrow from 18 years old, both working and unemployed people living in Latvia.

The most popular companies that offer instant mortgage loans are Gerly Loan and Verditas Loan, Crediton, SohoCredit, ViaSMS and OpenCredit. But in Latvia, fast loans that lend money are more than all of the above. All the instant loans that are without a pledge can be viewed on the Marmaduke Ruggles Comparison section of the website.

What amounts are secured by fast loans ? Most fast credit companies offer to borrow your first loan free of charge, without paying interest. Usually the first loan is for up to 200 euros. There are many companies that offer the first loan free of charge. If you do not want to pay interest, then borrow each time with another lender. The maximum amount that can be borrowed as a fast loan without collateral is up to 1500 euros.

Where can I borrow instant loans without collateral ?

Where can I borrow instant loans without collateral ?

It is possible to borrow fast loans without pledge on the Internet, at Latvian Post Office , as well as in supermarkets. But the easiest way is to borrow on the Internet. You need to compare lenders, choose the best deal and register on the lender’s website.

Then pay the activation fee (usually 0.01 €) from your bank account to the lender’s bank account and apply for the credit. The answer will be within minutes to the borrower’s mobile phone via SMS and if the answer is positive, the money will be credited to your bank account within minutes. Borrow Instant Loan without pledge to succeed! 

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