More fraud claims against fence contractor, including by elderly woman who lent him money:


Other alleged victims are coming forward claiming they were defrauded by a local fencing contractor, including an elderly woman who lent him money.

Cody William Brown, 33, faces new charges including three counts of grand larceny, surrender of a worthless check, exploitation of elderly people and three counts of organized scheme to defraud. He was released on a new bond of $20,000.

He has already been charged with three counts of organized scheme to defraud, several counts of grand larceny, fraudulent use of a credit card and several worthless checking accounts.

New victims have come forward after was first to report the initial allegations and a second arrest.

The latest allegations are detailed below, according to reports from the Escambia County Sheriff’s Office.

“Boy Was I Fooled”

The victim told investigators that Brown had done a good job of fencing work in the past. In April 2022, he told her his son was ill and “would need to be seen in another part of Florida for specific medical treatment” before asking her for a loan, according to an arrest report. The 77-year-old accompanied him to a local regional bank where she gave him $10,000 after he drafted a contract notarized by a bank employee, the report continues. The loan was due May 30, but Brown never made a payment, she said.

She did not file a report until late August with the Escambia County Sheriff’s Office.

The woman told deputies that Brown took advantage of her and later revealed that Brown had deposited a check for $5,000 which was returned. A text message history shows that when confronted, Brown said he had COVID and was unable to handle the transaction, the report said.

“I thought I was dealing with an honorable person who needed help, I was fooled,” replied the 77-year-old.

According to the sheriff’s office, bank records corroborate the victim’s statements regarding financial transactions.

Grand theft, scheme to defraud charges

Another victim reported that he gave Brown a $3,100 deposit to cover materials for a $6,200 fencing job on Mobile Highway. The attorney sent a letter to Brown and said no response had been received.

The victim told deputies he contacted a lawyer to file a civil suit against Brown, but was advised to file a police report due to previous media coverage of Brown.

“Cody Brown even generated flyers which he distributed in neighborhoods in order to generate casualties,” the ECSO report states.

The white fence

According to the ECSO, Brown also accepted a credit card deposit of $1,800, half the total cost of a closing job, from a victim.

The victim said a white picket fence was needed in his neighborhood near Nine Mile Road, but Brown never got to work. The victim told investigators he texted Brown in January and February 2022, but Brown’s only response said the material was out of stock.

The victim called and filed a report in late August with the ECSO after the media coverage of Brown.


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