My neighbors knocked down their garden fence and now I have no privacy, it’s selfish and I’m fuming


A mum was furious after her neighbors knocked down their fence leaving her with ‘no privacy’.

She explained that they removed the fence to install a hot tub and put it back in place three weeks later.


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She had requested that they reinstall a 6ft fence rather than the original 4ft so it would not be neglected to relax the garden, which they initially agreed to but changed their minds.

Speaking to Mumsnet, she said: “Neighbor took the fence down to get the hot tub in, no fence for three weeks.

“The neighbor has an extension on the property with his kitchen window to the side of the property.

“Every time I’m in the garden the neighbor will appear, so when the fence was put up I asked for a 6ft fence rather than a 4ft one for more privacy for me and my family.

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“It was discussed that it was not a problem as long as the light was not blocked.

“The 6 foot fence has been installed, great I have some privacy.

“The neighbor calls back the fencers to reduce the fence to 4 feet because they don’t like it.

“It didn’t block any lights in their kitchen, just them seeing into our garden.”

She added: “When I asked the neighbor I said if he was worried about the light to put up a trellis so I gave that as an option.

“We had a little disagreement a few weeks ago where they were yelling and yelling at me, which is why I think they did it.”

Other Mumsnet users were sympathetic to his situation, but most of them had the same advice.

One person said: “I understand where you’re coming from because I also really like my privacy in my garden – but if that’s their limit, you can’t dictate the height of their fence.

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“However, you can do whatever you want on your side, so some sort of screen or trellis along the inside of the fence on your side (or even a fence on your side) is probably the way to go if you want more privacy.”

Another agreed: “I would just put a 6ft fence in your own perimeter if it bothers you that much.

“Yes, it’s quite passive-aggressive, however, it’s within your rights to do so.

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“If it’s ruining your enjoyment of your garden, do what’s right for you.”

While a third said: “Put screens on your side. They can’t stop you from doing whatever you want on your property.”


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