New football and track star set to shine in Illinois state


Last season, Wolves main receiver Lamar Frederick helped the team make their first regional final appearance in school history, recording five touchdowns and 212 receiving yards.

Lamar Frederick does not believe in dreams, rather he believes in manifesting his goals with hard work and dedication. The former Newsome football and track star signed on to play both sports at Illinois State University on July 25.

Last season, the Wolves main receiver helped the team make their first regional final appearance in school history, recording five touchdowns and 212 receiving yards. Frederick, who was originally a football player, learned football and track and field in high school in his first grade. He thanks his former football teammate Patrick Jolly for giving him a try for the track team. Frederick’s main event is the high jump, and he is ranked fourth in track condition. He went to the United States last year, finishing third.

Newsome Football Coach Christian Yockey, who had just received the job, recruited Frederick to play football in the halls of the school when he saw him pass. Frederick thanks Yockey for teaching him football concepts and for giving him confidence as a football player. This is what made Frederick think he could be something special as an athlete.

“Lamar came to us as an immature kid who really grew up over the past three years in our program,” Yockey said. “He went through growing pains, grew a bunch and filled his body, got really strong and proved to be a big help to our team in his last year.”

The dual-sport star had offers from other schools, but he felt the state of Illinois was the right fit. ISU assistant athletics coach Daniel Gooris, who recruited Frederick, took a particular interest in him and went out of his way to make him feel comfortable. Frederick also knew other Hillsborough County players who were in school, including former Bloomingdale wide receiver Maurice Frost II.

As an undersized 12-year-old, Frederick had no idea that sport would be in his future. He said that in his family, sports or the military are the main future options.

Her two older sisters are in the military, and her older brother, Milton Anthony Hall Jr., played for the state of North Carolina. After growing a few inches in the first grade and given opportunities to play, he immediately stood out, and everyone, including himself, had very high expectations for him from the jump. In four short years he turned his talent and hard work into a DI scholarship. The chance to compete at the highest level excited him.

“It’s a bit surreal because I know when I first started playing sports in my first year everyone was thinking about Division I – since then that’s what I’ve been thinking about,” he said. said Frederick.

Frederick, who is a Barstool Sports athlete, is only focusing on the indoor track season at the moment as he is wearing a red shirt in his first year as a football player. He likes both sports for different reasons. He loves football because of the camaraderie as a team sport and he loves the track as an individual sport because it’s his job to go out and win.

Frederick’s main goal is to someday play in the NFL. He specializes in exercise science / sports medicine. If he doesn’t reach the league as a player, he wants to become a physical trainer for an NFL team where he can eventually try his hand as a player.


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